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How to treat mycosis in dogs?

Mycoses in dogs are a whole group of diseases that cause microscopic fungi. They are actively parasitic in the dog’s body and can be transmitted by contact through animal care items and litter. The most common infection occurs in autumn and winter. Spores of fungi are very resistant to environmental conditions and can last for years.

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What are the rules and used agility shells for dogs?

Do you really want to make friends with your dog and begin to understand each other at a glance? Then you need to urgently sign up for agility training. And while you are wondering whether to go or not, we’ll tell you about this amazing sport. Agility for dogs (from the English. Agility - speed, agility, agility) - a sport in which the dog and the owner participate.

Dog urinates in the house

This is a very unpleasant habit. And foul-smelling ... But here the owner must be very careful. After all, often this is not a bad habit, but a symptom of the disease ... Why does a dog urinate in the house? Cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. Normally acidic urine becomes more alkaline. In this environment, bacteria irritate the bladder wall and urethra and cause inflammation.

Instructions and reviews on the drug sex barrier for dogs

"Sex barrier" for dogs is a bigormonal drug. Its task is to inhibit sexual arousal by acting on the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Thus, a contraceptive effect is created. The main active ingredients are ethinyl estradiol and water-soluble mepregene acetate. Variants of this drug is available for both cables and bitches.

How to choose a German Shepherd puppy?

In this article, you will learn how to choose a German Shepherd puppy. Find out what points you need to pay attention to when choosing. Choosing a good German Shepherd puppy is not quite an easy task. This is due to the fact that the breed has become very popular in our time and has not a small demand and often unscrupulous breeders sacrifice quality in pursuit of quantity. Before buying a puppy, you must firmly decide for what does a dog need, for official purposes, or it will become a family friend.

Where to buy a bitch milk substitute?

How much joy the whole family brings the appearance of small puppies in the home favorite. But sometimes it happens that due to heavy childbirth, birth trauma, the mother's dog loses milk. Unfortunately, we can not exclude the death of a dog during childbirth. In such cases, you will need a good breast milk replacer (milk formula), containing the necessary for the growing body the amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are so important for the full growth of newly born puppies.

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Quotes about dogs from the mouths of great people

"Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, unlike people who are not able to disinterestedly love and mix love and hate." Sigmund Freud "A good man is ashamed even to a dog." Anton Pavlovich Chekhov "The best that a person has is a dog." Toussaint Nicolas Charles "Buy a puppy and you will gain the most devoted love in the world.

Stray dogs

We have stray dogs in our yard all the time. It is terrible to go for a walk with the child. Tell me how to behave so as not to provoke aggression. (Faith, Voronezh.) Alas, stray dogs are really a real danger. They are hungry, often sick, and in the pack - strong. And besides, many of these dogs already had a negative experience with people - some at the whim of a careless owner were on the street, others were beaten, and others - they endured much more cruel mockery.

How to play with a puppy correctly? 8 games for home and street.

Playing for a little puppy is a must. In the game he learns, physically develops. For an already adult dog, the game is a physical warm-up and confirmation that the pet is a member of the team. Consider some interesting puppy games and activities with training elements that will contribute to its good development.

How to dress a dog blanket?

Cloth is woven protective clothing for cats and dogs. It is usually put on animals after surgery. The first time it is set by the vets themselves. But in the future, if bandages are necessary, the owners have to torment themselves and fix this unit on the body of their pet. It should be noted that removing it after the first ligation will be very irresponsible on the part of the owner, as it protects the wound and the seam from external stimuli.

Cystitis in dogs

Cystitis in dogs is characterized by an inflammatory process involving the mucous membrane of the bladder. The disease is chronic and acute. It usually develops when bladder infection occurs. As a rule, such an infection is introduced into the bladder with a lymph, blood, and a dirty catheter.

Romeo Retriever - hostage to the effects of the earthquake in Italy

On August 24, in the suburb of Amatrice, there was a massive earthquake, which caused the death of more than two hundred people. In one of the houses was the dog Romeo, he slept peacefully on the first floor, while its owners were in the bedroom on the second floor. A natural disaster resulted in serious damage to the building, forming a blockage that blocks the pet's movement.

How to train a dachshund puppy and an adult dog?

Training and training of a dachshund puppy begins literally from the moment it is born. At first, training is based on unconditioned reflexes and instincts. Every day the puppy develops, he has new impressions, and by the month with a small taxon we can do focused training.

Dalmatian breed character

Dalmatian real aristocrat, refined and discreet and at the same time, he is a playful, handsome naughty. Dalmatian gentle, cunning and naive, polite and sassy. He has many more qualities. But he is not a cartoon character. You should not perceive it as a toy and start because of a sudden fashion. Dalmatians intelligent and sensitive creature with a strong character, which can be quite difficult.

10 questions that you must answer for yourself before acquiring a dog

Is it necessary for you that the dog get along well with children? Is this your first dog? What size dog do you want? What type of coat do you want your dog to have? How much time for walks can you devote to a dog and how fast do you want to run? Do you want your dog to be a watchdog or, on the contrary, do you want it to be friendly to meet your visitors?

The famous “dog's eye” - why do pets look guilty?

Surely you have repeatedly noticed how the dog's mimic changes when she did something, and you caught her in the act. The animal immediately tilts its head, presses its ears to the back of the head and lowers its tail to the level of its lower paws. A person perceives such behavior as awareness of the pet's guilt. However, scientists from the United States found that in this way the dog demonstrates obedience to man, and not repentance.


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