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Pedigree (Pedigree) - a popular Russian dog food

Pedigri (Pedigree) dog food has been a popular and affordable brand that has been produced in Russia by Mars (Stupino-1, Moscow region) since 1994. Among the main reasons for the popularity of this feed dog breeders call good quality at a fairly low price. It also attracts its widespread availability and different packaging options - from 600 grams to 13 kilograms. Pedigree dog food provides for different diets for dogs of different weight categories, as well as age.

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Instructions for use and reviews on Butox for dogs

Butox is an insect-acaricidal drug for dogs, the main active ingredient of which is 5% synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin. It has a wide spectrum of action on scabies, ixodic, kosharnogo and chicken ticks, flies, bedbugs, midges, lashes and other ectoparasites. Once in the body of arthropods, this substance accumulates and inhibits the activity of peripheral nerves.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory dogs successfully towed skiers

Of the many different activities in the Russian Federation, only one is distinguished - “Towing a skier”. In Krasnoyarsk, the organizers started an open championship at the Tatyshev Park site. As a result, more than ten couples participated in the training center. To perform this exercise "Towing", dog trainers specially train physically developed dogs.

How to protect a dog in winter?

The long-awaited winter has come with a thorny frost, snow crunching under the feet and the mournful song of the blizzard. Fluffy pets try to persuade their owners to take a longer walk, and short-haired ones - to return quickly to a warm and cozy home. It's time to take care that the walk brought only joy, and not become the next task to solve problems.

Chipping on coercion - new Yamal bill

Date: 03/02/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov Cardinal measures in the fight against neglected animals of Yamal The number of homeless animals on the streets of the city amounts to thousands, which threatens the people of Yamal. For the first time, the local authorities started thinking about the need to solve the problem after a blatant case of a group of dogs killing pupils of a boarding school in 2014.

Making dogs

Man today uses not all the possibilities of dogs. Our four-legged friends convincingly proved their abilities in various fields of activity. While they can not replace any machines. There are a lot of examples: from hunting dogs looking for shot animals; from dogs, dragged on drugs, explosives, smelling the smell of criminals on the sidewalks of even the most populous cities, to dogs used in the diagnosis of various serious human diseases.

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Pet for a child

All children dream of a pet. To fulfill this dream or not - you decide. And we will help weigh the pros and cons of Marley and the company. How many touching films have been made about friendship between kids and pets! Labrador Marley ("Marley and Me") met children from school every day. St. Bernard Beethoven from the film of the same name did help his little friends in all leprosy.

Instructions for use dexforta for dogs

Dexafort for dogs - a drug of Dutch origin, intended for the relief of inflammatory processes, as well as diseases that are allergic and autoimmune origin. This is a hormonal drug in the form of a white suspension. As active ingredients it contains dexamethasone phenylpropionate and dexamethasone sodium phosphate.

Dentistry for dogs: what services do vet clinics provide?

And the dogs also hurt their teeth. They, of course, do not talk about it, but the attentive owner will always notice how the dog is sad, does not sleep well, refuses to eat and often smacks. Therefore, dogs need dental care. The first time to visit a veterinary dentist is recommended when changing milk teeth.

How to make friends a cat and a dog?

How to make friends a cat and a dog? Such a question is asked by all animal lovers whose cat and dog begin to live together in the house or are going to live in the future. There is an opinion that keeping a cat in the house is much easier than a dog, because the dog requires a lot of attention and communication, which the cat does not particularly need.

A homeless puppy found his home after a marathon race

Date: 08/22/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov The beginning of this tearing story coincides with the first day of the six-day race called 4 Deserts Gobi, which passed through the most extensive desert of the Republic of China. Runners had to cover a distance of 249 kilometers over rough terrain.

Cholecystitis in dogs

Cholecystitis in dogs is a disease that affects the bile ducts and is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the gallbladder. Since this disease is quite rare in animals, it is very difficult to identify it in a timely manner. Causes of the disease In dogs, cholecystitis occurs for several reasons. The main causative agent of the disease is a microbe.

What and when should a chihuahua be vaccinated?

Even if you do not intend to walk your Chihuahua among large dogs, he needs all the necessary vaccinations. Most often, dogs are vaccinated against: rabies, the plague of carnivorous, viral hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis, adenovirus infections, leptospirosis and parainfluenza. These diseases are considered the most dangerous.

Dog diet: instead of dry food

The health of the dog depends on the diet. If the daily diet has the necessary substances, trace elements and vitamins, then the pet will be cheerful, fun and active. When keeping a dog in an apartment, veterinarians recommend feeding it with dry food, because they have all the necessary components in the correct proportions.

What and how to feed the Alaskan Malamute? Approximate diet

Looking at the size of the Malamute, you might think that it is not easy to feed him. However, this is a wrong impression. Malamutes need much less food than other large breeds. In this case, you can not allow them to eat constantly. This dog will not be able to stop until it is filled with a bowl. And overeating leads not only to obesity, but also to an inversion of the stomach.

Main features of dog food fitness trainer

The Italian company Nova Foods is positioning itself as a manufacturer of premium products. One of her lines of dog food is a fitness trainer. It is specially designed for hypersensitive dogs, which have food allergies, as well as chronic diseases of the pancreas, liver, and skin.

How to give first aid when scratching a dog?

The dog can often be scratched. Large and heavy animals most often have scratches on the pads of glass fragments or pieces of iron. Not uncommon scratches from the claws of a cat or other dog. Shorthair dogs may suffer from sharp wire scraps, and Chinese hairless even from thorny plants.

Heather Guchol - rescuer dogs with complex character

Date: 08/10/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov Heather Guchol loved dogs all her life. She worked as a rescue team for animals of this species, where she rendered assistance to abandoned pit bulls, who had certain behavioral and adaptation problems. Having received sufficient experience in this field, Heather decided to go on an independent voyage and founded an organization called "Handsome Dan's Rescue".


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