Drop and change of milk teeth in toy terrier

That terrier, despite its small size, has as many teeth as the Caucasian Shepherd - exactly 42. These are four types of teeth: incisors, canines, molars and premolars: 22 are in the lower jaw, and 20 are in the upper jaw. For a show dog, it is very important that she has all her teeth. Although that terriers for the absence of molars do not disqualify and they with such a disadvantage can be allowed to breed.

The dog is driving. Video

Dogs have learned to drive a car. The animal rights organization has developed a special program in which pets from a shelter are shown from the best side. No, your eyes do not let you down! These three incredibly intelligent dogs - Monty, Porter and Ginny - are really driving a car. This video series is part of a program that was developed by one of the organizations for the protection of animals - the Society for the Prevention of Animal Abuse in Auckland.

How to call alaby? Popular nicknames for alabai boys and girls

There is an opinion that the character of your dog can be influenced by giving him the necessary qualities with the help of a properly chosen nickname. This theory has a lot of supporters, otherwise how else can one explain the fact that the name for the Alabai is chosen very carefully and invested in it a certain meaning. No one wants to call his thoroughbred representative guard just Sharik or Bobik, everyone is eager to find a worthy name for his mighty pet.

How to rid the dog of fleas?

Dangerous jumpers. Because of the fleas, the pet becomes restless, his sleep pattern is disturbed. Ulcers and inflammation can appear on the skin of an animal due to scratching. In addition, jumping parasites - carriers of helminths and infectious diseases. We recently moved the whole family to the suburbs and, of course, took our beloved dog with us.

How to treat cough in dogs?

Coughing in dogs is not dangerous in itself. This is a sharp exhalation through the mouth, and in fact - a reflex mechanism as a reaction to irritation. Normally, it serves to remove (cough) everything that gets into the respiratory tract: liquid, foreign objects, irritating substances such as smoke. For a doctor, cough is a sign of a respiratory or cardiovascular disease, as well as a specific injury.

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Found beyond the ability of dogs - "built-in" compasses in the eyes

Date: 03/08/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov Eye-diamond: dogs are able to see the magnetic fields of the earth Some animals can accurately orient themselves in space, each time determining the right direction of movement. This is possible due to the presence of specific magnetoreception molecules. Previously it was believed that the owners of a natural compass are only birds.

Standard breed English Setter

Each dog owner seeks to produce individuals whose characteristics are as close to the standard as possible. Obviously, to achieve such a result, it is necessary to select manufacturers with optimal somatic and functional characteristics for a given breed. In addition, it is necessary to check the documents for ancestors, to study X-rays, which should not be signs of hip dysplasia.

How to treat dirofilariasis in dogs?

Dirofilariasis is a parasitic disease of carnivorous animals, which is caused by a worm cardiac nematode of the genus Dirofilaria. There is pulmonary (heart) dirofilariasis and subcutaneous. The body of the causative agent of the disease - dirofilaria is similar to a thread and in length reaches 25-30 cm. They parasitize in the cavity of the pulmonary artery in the right ventricle of the heart.

How to treat paraproctitis in dogs?

Paraproctitis in dogs is a disease associated with inflammation of the paraanal sinuses. These are paired glands in which the excretory ducts in the animal's anus are blocked. There are several reasons for paraproctitis. First of all, it is an infection that has penetrated the fiber of the rectum. It can get through various cracks and microtraumas in the mucous membrane of the anus or rectum.

Corso Health and Disease

If someone wants to have a cane Corso, then he should think about his decision. It is necessary to realize that we bring home a part of the story on 4 legs with all its legacy. But at the same time, it is a question of a dog that was constructed again quite recently, and all its characteristic features could have been lost if careful selection work had not been carried out.

How to treat dermatitis in dogs?

Dermatitis in dogs - inflammation of all layers of the skin, in which no rash develops. Due to the occurrence of dermatitis, there are: atopic (he is allergic), flea (or parasitic), traumatic, contact. Thermal (due to burn or frostbite) and medical dermatitis may also occur.

How to care for small breeds of dogs?

Small breeds of dogs are very popular, because they can be adapted to any lifestyle. It is very simple to keep a small dog in an apartment or take it with you on a trip. But small dogs have their own special needs, which owners should consider. This article will help owners ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for their pets.

What and how to feed the Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog, although now it is increasingly being acquired for indoor keeping. But in order for her to be agile and fun, she needs proper nutrition. Feeding a puppy Jack Russell Terrier At first, the puppy must be fed the same way as the breeder. Club puppies are more often fed with dry puppy food, in which the nutritional elements are already properly balanced.

Cough and other autumn-winter dog diseases

Autumn and winter dank days - an ideal time for reproduction of various infections. At this time, not only people get sick more often, but also their pets. First of all, dogs are at risk because they regularly go outside and come into contact with other animals. If it is sometimes enough for the owner to recover for a couple of days, drinking several cups of warm tea with honey, then this treatment will not work for dogs.

My canine history (part 1)

Minsk, 80s ... early 1980, I am 16 years old, autumn ... My four-legged friend and I are standing near the building of the Republican DOSAAF dog breeding club in Minsk. With bated breath, I watch the training of service dogs. There are several breeds: German (East European) Shepherd Dogs, Scottish Sheepdogs, Airedale Terriers, Boxers.

Food and Health Pointer

In order for your dog to be perfectly healthy it needs to be properly fed. First, you should carefully consider its diet, because it is from food that the dog gets all the substances its body needs. A well-balanced diet will create the prerequisites for the growth and harmonious development of your four-legged friend, prepare him for active adult life and increase his resistance to diseases.

Symptoms and treatment of torsion of the stomach in dogs

Inversion of the stomach in dogs is an acutely occurring disease, which is accompanied by a rapid increase in the volume of the abdomen (within a few hours) and a sharp deterioration in the condition of the animal until death. Characteristically mainly for dogs of large breeds: Eastern European, German and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, Great Danes, Dobermans, Giant Schnauzers, Black Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Labradors, etc.


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