The dog has chills. What to do?

Chills in dogs is not an independent disease, but a concomitant symptom of many rather diverse diseases. With chills, the dog shakes as if very cold. Causes of chills in dogs The causes of chills in dogs are many and quite varied. It can occur when: changes in body temperature (often hypothermia), an insufficient amount of calcium, hypoglycemia (lack of glucose in the blood), neurological abnormalities after a recent head injury. ).

What is the proper education and socialization of dogs?

Since childhood, Marina dreamed of a big dog, with whom you can fearlessly walk the streets at any time of the day. After all, a large, formidable dog is a real protector! When the opportunity arose, the girl started a boxer. But here's a paradox: in appearance, Jesse is an evil dog, however, if a stranger comes to her (no matter what his intentions are to stroke or hit), the dog is in a hurry to retreat.

Sochi is a city with special rules for dog walking

Date: 02.29.2016 Author: Alexey Velikov Dog walking rules in Sochi and the system of fines for non-compliance Sochi is a traditional tourist city that is visited annually by thousands of travelers. Therefore, local authorities are concerned about the preservation of its tourist attractiveness and regularly develop rules for improving the resort.

How to rid the dog of fleas?

Dangerous jumpers. Because of the fleas, the pet becomes restless, his sleep pattern is disturbed. Ulcers and inflammation can appear on the skin of an animal due to scratching. In addition, jumping parasites - carriers of helminths and infectious diseases. We recently moved the whole family to the suburbs and, of course, took our beloved dog with us.

American Kennel Club recognized 2 new breeds

Two new breeds of dogs are now part of the American Kennel Club. Slyugi and the American Naked Terrier are now officially included in the list of 189 breeds recognized by the organization, the report says. From 2016, dogs of these breeds will be able to take part in most of the organization’s shows and exhibitions, however they will be able to join the world famous Westminster Kennel Club (a show held annually in New York) only next year.

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What are swelling dogs?

Edema is an abnormal, excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues that surround the cells of the body. In dogs, there are two types of edema: peripheral (edema of subcutaneous tissue and skin), internal (edema of the brain, lungs, etc.). Peripheral edema is visible with the naked eye. It can occur in one place or spread throughout the body.

Dogs know what manipulation is.

Employees of the Institute of Zurich conducted a study that excited the public. They managed to find out that dogs can consciously manipulate the owners, getting the desired result. For the study, 27 pets were taken, to which two curators were presented. One constantly allowed the pet to take treats, the other on the contrary forbade touching delicious food.

The nature and education of the puppy Cane Corso

As for the character, it must be said that Cane Corso is very calm and balanced. This, however, does not mean that it is suitable for anyone, because the balance of character is partly inherited, and partly depends on the educational abilities of the breeder and owner. For many centuries, this dog was guarding private property and guarded herds.

Shoes for dogs

If passers-by were already accustomed to dressing up in overalls, pontoon and sweaters for dogs, small and big four-legged dogs, who proudly walk in sneakers, cause remarkable curiosity. But footwear for dogs is not only a fashionable detail, but also a concern for the health of the pet. Despite the fact that first of all the owners are trying to cover the barrels and tummy for their pets, the paws of dog paws suffer no less.

How to feed a puppy of miniature pinscher (miniature pincher)?

Miniature Pinscher is a small dog and its diet should be approached especially carefully, whether it is a natural food or a choice of dry food. What to give the dwarf piteru? Feeding the Miniature Pinscher with Natural Products Most of the diet of the Miniature Pinscher should be meat - at least 40%.

How to wean the dog to write at home?

If your dog pees at home, this article will help you. You will find useful tips and advice on how to stop a dog from writing at home (adult and puppy). Pets often start shitting at home if urinary tract infections, kidney disease or a dog get a cold. Lead to funny situations can the first estrus in a dog.

How to choose a bag carrying for dogs?

Bag carrying necessary for travel dogs in transport. This is a prerequisite for the transport of animals on the train and plane for the safety of passengers. And the dog itself is calmer when it has its own mobile place. Therefore, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the choice of carrying bags for dogs. For a start, it is worth making a decision in order to: you need a carrier for moving over short distances (you regularly go to the country) or for long journeys.

Clothing for a toy terrier: buy or sew it yourself?

The Russian Toy Terrier is a tiny lap dog up to 26 cm and weighing up to 2.7 kg. This is a very sociable breed, devoted to the owner, but she doesn’t like to stay alone for a long time. The benefit of its size allows you to carry the dog with you, in a basket or in your arms, they will also let him into the hotel and any type of transport.

What boots to buy a dog?

In terms of walking around the city, any dog ​​needs shoes, especially in winter. At this time, dog paws lurks many dangers. These are glass fragments hidden under the snow, from which the paws of heavy large dogs especially suffer. Small dogs (breeds of small dogs with photos and names) often cut paws on a sharp crust.

Dog sport with Afghan hound

Today, the Afghan Hound is considered to be a room and show dog, but in fact it remains an excellent athlete. A sporting career can bring satisfaction and pleasure to a dog and owner. To lose which would be a pity. However, speaking of a sports career, you should not think about the benefits and those bad habits that prevail at the cinema.

Making dogs

Man today uses not all the possibilities of dogs. Our four-legged friends convincingly proved their abilities in various fields of activity. While they can not replace any machines. There are a lot of examples: from hunting dogs looking for shot animals; from dogs, dragged on drugs, explosives, smelling the smell of criminals on the sidewalks of even the most populous cities, to dogs used in the diagnosis of various serious human diseases.

In America, created a convenient backpack for animals

Everyone has become accustomed to the fact that in the United States of America they constantly invent something innovative and modern. This time development concerns pets. This is a special backpack for traveling with a pet. The project was a group of designers of the organization Ruffit USA. As soon as this unique backpack appeared on the net, the online edition immediately noticed it.


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