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What if the dog has pus in the ears, from the nose or other parts of the body?

The excretion of pus in a dog indicates that an inflammatory process has arisen in this organ. This is a symptom of a rather serious disease that requires thorough diagnosis and the most urgent treatment possible. Pus in the dog's ear A rather frequent occurrence is the appearance of pus in the dog's ear. It is usually accompanied by redness and itching, and most often indicates otitis disease.

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Guide dog, dogs assistants for disabled

A guide dog is an indispensable aid for the blind, and in many cases for other categories of people with disabilities. Often blind people who lose interest in life and try not to go beyond the boundaries of unfamiliar territory with a new guide-dog that has appeared in them gain a second wind.

Features grooming claws in dogs

For dogs that regularly run on hard surfaces, additional care for their claws is usually not required. While running, they grind to a normal length. However, there are not many such dogs and mostly our pets walk on the grass of lawns or even in the hands of the owners, as representatives of decorative breeds.

Pekingese clothing features

Pekingese can not be called too heat-loving dog breed. Her long silky coat protects well from the cold. However, it cannot be said that the Pekingese does not need clothes. First, the modern world can be called chemically aggressive, and for a small dog there may be dangerous spots of gasoline and motor oil on asphalt, salt, and other reagents that spill onto the roads.

Distinctive features of canned food Zoogurman

Canned food "Zoogurman" produces the same Russian company. Feed of this brand refers to the product of super premium class, that is, to natural nutrition. In the manufacture of canned food is used only high-quality domestic meat of beef and poultry, as well as the heart, liver, scar. They do not contain soy, flavors and preservatives.

Why do dogs have watery eyes and what should the owner do in this situation?

Dogs often have watery eyes. This is due to the fact that there are so many reasons for such a phenomenon, and before you undertake anything, it is advisable to find out why at this moment your animal's hair is moistened under the eye. The reasons why the eyes of a dog are watery The simplest of these causes is that summer dust, an aerosol spray (deodorant, air freshener, etc.) Get into the eye.

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Instructions for use dexforta for dogs

Dexafort for dogs - a drug of Dutch origin, intended for the relief of inflammatory processes, as well as diseases that are allergic and autoimmune origin. This is a hormonal drug in the form of a white suspension. As active ingredients it contains dexamethasone phenylpropionate and dexamethasone sodium phosphate.

Character and description of the Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is of the type that belongs to the Spitz or Laika, with strong wolfish features, because a person only partially participated in the selection of his mental characteristics. Eliminating aggressive features and, making these dogs good-natured and friendly, people did not touch his social hierarchical, instincts inherited from the wolf itself.

Why does a dog have dandruff and how to cure it?

Has your dog got dandruff? With what it can be connected? Dandruff in a dog is epidermis scales - the upper keratinous skin layer. This is not just not beautiful, but may be a sure sign of any irregularities in the animal's body and, possibly, quite serious. Or even evidence of chronic diseases.

How to teach a dog to guard?

Any service dog should be able to guard. Whether it concerns the house or things that she entrusted during the absence of the owner. First you need to teach the dog not to trust unfamiliar people. Well, if the dog already knows how to get angry at strangers, it should also not take food from them. Algorithm of teaching dogs to the guard team!

The dog has impaired coordination of movement. What to do?

A sudden lack of coordination in dogs is called peripheral vestibular syndrome. It looks awesome. A completely healthy animal outwardly suddenly falls, cannot rise to its feet, flounders. Vomiting, drooling, and breathing may also occur. The head of the dog is tilted to the side. The cause of this disease is disruption of the organs of balance.

Food for large breeds of dogs

Food for large breeds of dogs must have certain properties, which we describe in this article. Large dogs are considered animals taller than 60 centimeters at the withers and weighing more than 26 kilograms. Features of the body of such dogs dictate the properties that should have a complete feed.

How to teach a dachshund to the toilet?

Dachshund puppies are clean from birth. This quality helps to teach them to go to the toilet in the right place. Of course, miracles do not happen, and even the most quick-witted puppy will inevitably make puddles and piles in your house in the first months of his life. This is the inevitability for which you need to prepare yourself morally.

Symptoms and treatment of urolithiasis in dogs

Urolithiasis in dogs is the formation of stones (uroliths) in the urethra, which are more often found in the bladder. Most often, uroliths consist of calcium ammonium phosphate (the mineral struvite) and can be quite large. Uroliths are formed under the influence of a number of factors: the content of certain salts, which dissolve in the urine, as well as the presence of substances that crystallize these salts.

How to treat mycoplasmosis in dogs?

Mycoplasmosis in dogs is an infectious disease that mycoplasma bacteria cause. This is a whole group of microorganisms, the most common of which are the smallest mycoplasmas. Basically, they pose a threat only to the dog, being pathogenic to humans. Mycoplasma carriers are more than 80% of animals.

How long does the pregnancy last in dachshund and what is the danger of false conception?

All the worries about choosing a father for future tax payouts are in the past, mating has occurred, and your dachshund has become pregnant. Do not think that now you can breathe with relief, the most interesting things are just beginning. You will spend about 60 days with your dog in anticipation of a miracle of birth. The beauty of waiting is that the exact date of birth is difficult to call.

Dreams come true: the first walk of a two-horned dog on the beach

Date: 02/15/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov A dog that was born with significant paw problems, was able to fulfill its dream. The human rights organization took the pet to the beach, where he felt really happy. From birth, he had to face a terrible problem - the two hind legs were underdeveloped, and therefore it was necessary to remove them from when the pet was still a puppy.


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