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Instructions for use and reviews on Veriben for dogs

Veriben for dogs - a French drug for treating dogs with protozoal diseases such as piroplasmosis, trypanosomiasis, babesiosis. It is active against eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms (thalerium, trypanosome, babesia. The preparation contains 44.5% of diminazine. Instructions for using veribena for dogs Veriben powder is dissolved in saline or distilled water before use.

Why does a dog need a protective collar?

The dog is not always pleasant medical care or procedure of care. And it also happens that after an operation or wounds you cannot allow an animal to lick, scratch or comb wounds. In order not to sit over the dog, preventing her from scratching where she wants, it is better to use a protective collar. It is also called postoperative.

Should I buy cheap dog food

It is unlikely that someone from dog breeders firmly believes that cheap dog food can be of high quality. And knowing the prices of meat, fish and cereal, hardly anyone will believe that in the form of dog food they can cost lower than the fresh products on the market. Because many people understand that the economy class fodder is a tape measure. Perhaps your dog's body will perceive it normally, but you can never say with certainty what such nutrition may turn out to be in the future.

How to drip into the dog's eyes?

Our dog has inflamed eyes. The vet prescribed drops, but did not explain how to drip them correctly. The dog constantly turns his head, and part of the medicine does not linger in his eyes. Larisa, St. Petersburg Properly bury a dog's eyes In order to properly bury the eyes of a dog, you will need help. One person must hold a pet so that he does not move and does not turn his head.

Taxi owner reviews

At the address of our site, visitors often write and talk about their pets. In this article we have collected letters with reviews about dogs of the Dachshund breed. Feedback on dachshund number 1 I saw the first in my life dachshund on the beach, she was there with their owners. To be honest, in the pictures I didn’t particularly like this dog, but when I saw it live, I was just fascinated.

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How to make a lounger or dog bed with your own hands

The dog must have its place where no one will disturb it. Where she will sleep peacefully, knowing that does not bother anyone. This place is better to arrange in the form of a comfortable sunbed. This is especially true for puppies, as well as for smooth-haired and small dog breeds, which in the winter can be cold to sleep on the same litter.

Why is the dog breathing heavily?

In a calm state, the dog breathes quietly through the nose. Strong breathing through the mouth while running or in the heat allows the dog to remove excess heat through the lungs. In a calm state, the deep convulsive breathing of a dog indicates that there are some problems in the animal's body. Why does the dog breathe heavily? Causes of Breathing A dog may experience severe breathing for a variety of reasons: It could overheat and even get a heat stroke. The dog may be in nervous excitement, for example, in an unfamiliar place, in a vehicle, or in a veterinary clinic. in case of an accident, a fall or as a result of a fight. Overheating or in an old animal, heavy breathing can be associated with a beginning heart attack. A pregnant bitch can begin to breathe heavily and often. red beginning of labor.

What if the dog broke the claw?

Claws are a rather important part of a dog's body. They protect the paw pads, help hold objects and protect themselves, create grip. Therefore, among such frequent injuries in a dog as paw damage, broken claws are most common. And the owner must be well aware of what to do in a situation when the dog has broken a claw.

How to teach your puppy team Fu?

It is better to train any dog, being still a puppy, since at this age it is more susceptible to commands. From the very first day, as soon as you have acquired a puppy, you should immediately start raising him. However, if you do not give proper attention to your pet, then he may acquire a lot of bad habits, and in the future such habits are almost not corrected.

How to care for small breeds of dogs?

Small breeds of dogs are very popular, because they can be adapted to any lifestyle. It is very simple to keep a small dog in an apartment or take it with you on a trip. But small dogs have their own special needs, which owners should consider. This article will help owners ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for their pets.

Instructions for use hondartron for dogs

Hondartron for dogs specifically affects cartilage, bone tissue and ligaments. It is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The drug has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Its effectiveness is comparable, and sometimes exceeds the effectiveness of analgesics and anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs.

Cane Corso training

Training the Cane Corso breed may be necessary only if you want to prepare your dog for testing at work. But it will not take a lot of work, because Cane Corso is the only dog ​​that can easily pass all of them. Cane Corso works with pleasure and with a great desire to learn.

How to put an enema dog with constipation, poisoning and in other cases?

Sometimes there is a need to put the dog an enema. This can occur for several reasons. For example, when food poisoning, constipation, clogged stomach and intestines put cleansing enemas. Such an enema is better to put pregnant and lactating, as well as emaciated dogs or with a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which are contraindicated laxatives.

A dog that is always there - interesting facts

A dog is man's best friend. This fact, which does not require evidence. And we have collected 4 more interesting facts that will surely interest the owners of these amazing animals! 1. Dogs are always watching you, even in a dream. We are in absolute certainty that every living creature needs a full sleep, but it is not.

The nature and description of the pit bull terrier, training

The American pit bull terrier is rightly considered the king of fight dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier is truly an extraordinary dog. She has steel muscles, an iron grip. She is distinguished by incredible dexterity and courage, which borders on fearlessness. But at the same time he has a very kind heart.

How to cut the dog's claws at home?

Every dog ​​owner wants his pet to be joyful, well-groomed and - most importantly - make him feel good. It would seem where is the trimming claws? However, shortly clipped claws are the basis of dog comfort. Unfortunately, in practice, for many hosts, clipping claws turns into a big problem.


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