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Required skills for dogs of all kind and purposes

At the request of the owner, the following skills can be introduced: landing, stacking, stand, feeding a head on command, aportiment of objects, returning to the place, guarding things, swimming, indifferent attitude to shots, crawling. If in your view the ideal of a dog is a being calmly lying in place and which you can use from time to time, then it is better to get a car.

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Team "Voice!" How to teach a dog to bark on command

Dog tend to bark on a variety of occasions. How often she does this is more dependent on the breed. There are dog breeds more barking than others. But at the same time, all dogs, without exception, are endowed with the ability to express their feelings by barking. To teach a dog to bark on command requires an incentive that is most capable of inspiring it.

What to do if dogs fight

Every dog ​​owner needs to be able to separate the dog fights, which are dangerous not only for direct participants, but also for the owners. Because it is very important to respond to such fights and clearly understand the sequence of actions. If dogs are fighting in front of your eyes, what to do, how to separate them? What can not be done when fighting dogs It makes no sense to scream at the dogs, beat them with something.

Neurological Diseases in Dogs

The most common and dangerous diseases of the nervous system in dogs are meningoencephalitis, myelitis, paralysis, paresis, epilepsy, and congenital defects of the central nervous system (CNS). Meningoencephalitis It is an inflammation of the brain and its membranes. Usually observed in infectious diseases of dogs: plague, leptospirosis, listeriosis, viral hepatitis, etc.

What are the norms of biochemical blood tests in dogs?

When your dog is given a blood test, you want to figure out what's what and why it is useful for each owner to know what these mysterious numbers mean. Consider the main biochemical blood parameters of dogs. Blood glucose standard is 0.6-1.2 g / l. An increase in these indicators may indicate diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hyperadrenocorticism, hyperthyroidism, pancreatic necrosis, stress.

Puppy food you can cook at home

It is very important that when you decide to prepare a puppy food at home, carefully study the available information on this issue. There are many foods that can be harmful to your puppy, and some can cause the death of your beloved pet. Remember that adult dog food is completely unsuitable for puppy food.

About puppies

So you made a choice. Now you must carefully check all documents and make sure the puppy is vaccinated. You need to get a health certificate and a written certificate of vaccination, which marked the date. If the puppy is purebred, you must be given a puppy card confirming that you will soon be able to obtain a document of origin.

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What to feed just? Approximate diet of puppies and adult dogs.

Beagles always have a great appetite and are not picky about food. However, there is a significant drawback: bigley always ready to eat anything, and therefore prone to overeating. Therefore, the owner of such a dog must carefully monitor its diet. All menus should be strictly calculated on the basis of the dog’s body weight, and not overfeeding it, even if it pretends to remain hungry.

Stray dogs

We have stray dogs in our yard all the time. It is terrible to go for a walk with the child. Tell me how to behave so as not to provoke aggression. (Faith, Voronezh.) Alas, stray dogs are really a real danger. They are hungry, often sick, and in the pack - strong. And besides, many of these dogs already had a negative experience with people - some at the whim of a careless owner were on the street, others were beaten, and others - they endured much more cruel mockery.

Dog Xiao Pi - dozens of vivid images that have conquered the Internet

Xiao Pi is one of the most famous dogs in the world. The "star career" of a seven-year-old dog began with fruit-like costumes. Thus, her owner decided to attract the attention of buyers, trading on the market. In a short time, owner Xiao Pi noticed that in the company of her smart dog her products are in great demand.

How to treat borrelliosis or Lyme disease in dogs?

Borreliosis or Lyme disease in dogs is a disease that is tolerated by Ixodes and other ticks. Dogs are infected with it during walks in the forest in the temperate climate zone, where they can pick up an infected tick. Most often, ticks are attacked by dogs in the spring and autumn period. Lyme disease was once encountered only in the United States and Canada.

Instructions for use and reviews on Dironet for dogs

Dironet for dogs - a drug for deworming. As the main active substances it contains: pyrantel pamoat, praziquantel and ivermectin. Dironet - broad-spectrum anthelmintic. It actively affects round and tapeworms in all phases of their development, as well as a detrimental effect on microfilariae and thereby prevents dirofilaria in dogs.

Dog grooming

Dog grooming is not just pointing out the outside gloss. It includes the care of ears, claws, eyes, teeth and pet's fur. The list of the most popular services consists of such hygienic procedures as bathing, parasite disinfection, trimming, haircut, treatment of the eyes and ears, manicure, brushing your teeth, getting rid of tangles and edging.

How to stop nose bleeding in a dog?

Bleeding from the nose of the dog is manifested in the form of drops of blood that occur when sneezing. It is also possible to have a constant discharge of blood streams or drops from one or both nostrils. Causes of nasal bleeding in a dog Blood from the nose of a dog can appear for a variety of reasons. Nasal bleeding is most often accompanied by injuries of the nose, a foreign object entering the nasal passages, growth of a tumor in the nasal cavity, a violation of the blood clotting process, and inflammatory processes.

Puppy height

Puppy growth is the most important period when the whole complex of physiological, psychological and behavioral reactions inherent in the breed develops. It is in the first months of life that a puppy should receive the foundation of a good education. A growing puppy is curious and its energy hits over the edge. He explores new places, plays with other puppies of his litter, learn a lot from his mother.

Poodle Health and Disease

"If doctors treat our body, then vets treat our souls." This expression of real dogmen hardly requires comment. Собака - это член вашей семьи, поэтому надо позаботиться, чтобы она всегда была здоровой, веселой и жизнерадостной. В отличие от человека она не может сообщить о состоянии своего здоровья.

Why do dogs lose their teeth?

In dogs, two types of teeth grow throughout life. The first is the milk teeth that erupt in a puppy for about the twentieth day. Their shift begins at the age of four months. At this time, milk teeth begin to fall out, and permanent ones grow instead. As soon as a permanent tooth begins to grow, at this time the root of the baby tooth is absorbed and therefore the tooth itself staggers.

From Russia with love: German Shepherd puppy arrived in France

Date: 01/09/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov © REUTERS / PHILIPPE WOJAZER The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to send a puppy to France, which in the future could replace Diesel, who died during a police raid against terrorists. 7-year-old Diesel was a loyal member of the French anti-terrorist police group.


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