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How much calcium should a puppy give?

Calcium is very important puppy for the formation of a strong skeleton in the process of growth. He also needs an adult dog. The minimum need for calcium in a puppy at the beginning of its growth is 320 mg per kilogram of dog's weight. Gradually, it decreases, reaching an adult animal as low as 119 mg / kg. Choosing a dry food, you need to look at the package, which indicates the calcium content.

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Jacket for dogs: buy or sew your own hands?

The jacket for the dog becomes the first clothes that the pet wears when the first cold comes. It can protect from rain and wind. Dog jackets are summer. They are sewn without lining of waterproof fabric so that summer rain does not wet the dog's fur. The same jackets well protect small dogs from the belittling wind.

Symptoms and treatment of eclampsia in dogs

Eclampsia in dogs is a severe nervous breakdown. It manifests itself in the last stages of pregnancy, as well as during or after childbirth. The most common postpartum eclampsia. Causes of eclampsia in dogs The main signs of the disease are cramps and cramps. According to some reports, eclampsia occurs due to improper feeding, errors in the protein and mineral composition of the feed, which causes a decrease in calcium levels in the blood.

The dog died. How to survive the death of your favorite pet?

Alexey and Svetlana never had children, but they always wanted to take care of someone. And so, having lived many happy years together, they decided to have a dog. A charming chow-chow named Willie became their first and only child. A childless couple instantly became attached to the pet. And after three years, without any reason, he began to languish before our eyes.

Rabies in dogs

Unfortunately, most animal-related ills occur because people know too little about them. Moreover, because of such ignorance, not only pets, but also their owners often suffer. Particularly fruitful soil for the birth of "myths and legends" - the disease of dogs. And one of them - the most dangerous - rabies in dogs.

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The most popular Italian dry dog ​​food

One of the most famous Italian brands is super premium and premium class Fitness Trainer from Nova Foods. This line of feed has been developed for hypersensitive dogs with chronic liver, pancreas, skin, and food allergies. The series includes five dry food and five types of canned food.

Little dog - big ego

The Chihuahua (Chiwawa) dog breed is the smallest in the world, but despite this, this tiny body hides a big ego! Chihuahuas are unusually proud, bold and very zealous, but this is not the main thing, the main thing is the joy they bring to their owners, they are able to replace you with a pocket dog and a huge guard dog.

What if the dog has shortness of breath?

Dyspnea in dogs is a violation of the depth, frequency and rhythm of breathing. This is such a compensatory reaction to the lack of oxygen in the body. Shortness of breath may occur after prolonged physical exertion, a long run. Although there is also shortness of breath that occurs after minimal exertion, or even at rest. Then she testifies to the pathology.

Fashionable dogs. How dangerous is such a fashion?

Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested, Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier ... Secular lionesses and fashionable women do not part with their fashionable dogs for a minute, dress them up for publication and buy them expensive jewelry. The first was not Paris, who else among the stars have fashionable dogs? Small fashionable dog breeds gained popularity thousands of years ago.

Feeding bullmastiff

If you have the opportunity to afford to buy dry dog ​​food, for example, the company “Hills”, then more you and think about nothing. Each package of this feed indicates the amount of feed needed for your pet per day, the composition of the ingredients and the amount of fat and protein. In a word, if you buy this food, you will not have any worries with feeding the bullmastiff.

Types and description of terrier breeds. List with photos

Almost all known terrier breeds are bred in the British Isles. Due to its versatile use in hunting, this group of breeds gradually spread throughout the world. The first mentions of the terriers belonging to the 16th century are found in Johann Kayuz in a book in Latin “On British Dogs”.

How to protect the dog from the New Year?

For us, the New Year is a long-awaited and happy family holiday. And for pets, alas, a huge stress. They are accustomed to the comfort and tranquility, and not to the confusion, brilliant garlands and loud fireworks. And because the owners need to be especially attentive in the pre-New Year's days so that the solemn day will not be the last for the animal ... Sad statistics On New Year's holidays, veterinarians receive 3 times more animals in serious condition than on other days.

Instructions for use and reviews on the drug Gelakan for dogs

Gelakan is a collagen arthronutritic that helps to cope with various ailments of the joints, ligaments and tendons of dogs, prolonging their active longevity. Its advantage is the active ingredient - high-quality natural collagen hydrolyzate. It is a product of enzymatic hydrolysis of tissues containing collagen - animal skin, bones.

Good huge Presley looks like a real Scooby-Doo

If you see Presley, then the first arising association will be the phrase "good-natured giant." Because of his size, he is very shy, and his emotionality and funny face make it possible to make really funny photos. "He really looks and behaves like Scooby-Doo. The smaller the other dog, the more he fears it.

How to give first aid when scratching a dog?

The dog can often be scratched. Large and heavy animals most often have scratches on the pads of glass fragments or pieces of iron. Not uncommon scratches from the claws of a cat or other dog. Shorthair dogs may suffer from sharp wire scraps, and Chinese hairless even from thorny plants.

A puppy appeared in the house: first day and first night

You have chosen a puppy and are preparing for the appearance of this little miracle in your home. You will get used to each other for about 3 months. Particular attention should be paid to the very first moments of the appearance of a puppy in the house. Before puppy you need to thoroughly prepare. First, remove from the "reach zone" those items that can harm the puppy and with whom you feel sorry to leave.


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