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Each dog, even the one that belongs to the breeds bred artificially, retains the qualities of its primitive ancestors, from which it can be understood that its ancient ancestor is a wolf. That is, just like a wolf, a dog is an animal of the pack. Therefore, any dog ​​unquestioningly obeys the leader of the pack and wants to see its owner just like that.

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In America, dogs will soon become vegetarians

Residents of the United States of America are very concerned about the health of their dogs and are willing to spend a lot of money on high-quality food for their pets. If residents of the CIS countries give their preference to traditional dog food, then Americans most often stop at a more natural version.

Why does a dog have dandruff and how to cure it?

Has your dog got dandruff? With what it can be connected? Dandruff in a dog is epidermis scales - the upper keratinous skin layer. This is not just not beautiful, but may be a sure sign of any irregularities in the animal's body and, possibly, quite serious. Or even evidence of chronic diseases.

Dog castration

Castration of dogs has its supporters and opponents. Against castration, the owners of the animal always have one funny argument: he needs to become a father. So people attribute to the dog their moral and ethical torment, which animals do not have. The animal is governed only by the breeding instinct. If with the help of castration from instinct to save him, it will not be tormented and suffer.

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What a dog should be able to do: 3 most important commands

Vasily, St. Petersburg Recently, they took home a puppy boxer. We do not plan to make him a service dog. We just want to teach a few basic commands so that the dog obeys, does not pester other people, and does not pick up food from the ground. Tell us how to achieve this? The importance of dog training Without a minimum of training, no dog can do.

How to treat paraproctitis in dogs?

Paraproctitis in dogs is a disease associated with inflammation of the paraanal sinuses. These are paired glands in which the excretory ducts in the animal's anus are blocked. There are several reasons for paraproctitis. First of all, it is an infection that has penetrated the fiber of the rectum. It can get through various cracks and microtraumas in the mucous membrane of the anus or rectum.

Coat for dogs: buy or sew their own hands

A dog in a coat is not only protected from frost and wind. She looks elegant and presentable. A good coat for a dog should be made of a non-blown dense fabric so that the dog is always protected from wind and weather. Types of coat models for dogs Models can be both winter and demi-season.

Description of the Basset Hound breed, its character

At first glance, basethoount is the most unhappy dog ​​in the world. Basset Hound awakens pity with all its nature. He wants to stroke and regret. However, its appearance touches only those who do not know the essence of a dog. Experts say that the appearance of the dog does not always explain the state of his soul, it is better to pay attention to another part of the dog's body.

Overalls for dogs

With the onset of dank and cold weather, the question of choosing clothes and shoes, not only for people but also for dogs, is acute. If the attentive owner wants his pet not to be ill, still has a playful mood and rejoice at every appearance of the owner, then you need to think about purchasing an appropriate overalls for dogs.

Instructions for use and reviews on Practical drops for dogs

Drops Practician (Prac-tic) - a protective agent for dogs from the attack of fleas, ticks, lice for four weeks. Also, the drug is effective in the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis. It is safe and therefore Prak-tik can be given to pregnant and lactating females, safe for puppies, does not cause allergies, due to the absence of impurities and fragrances, has no color and smell.

Teaching a big dog to the exit in the city

Described in the previous article: Keeping the recommendations of the dogs relate mainly to puppies and dogs of small breeds, which are supposed to be taken out of the house in their hands. I want to say a few words about the process of communication with dogs, which are displayed for a walk "on their four". Teaching a big dog to calm behavior before going out is carried out in approximately the same way as described in the previous article, the only difference is in how the owner influences large-sized dogs.

How to treat myositis in dogs?

Myositis in a dog is a disease characterized by muscle inflammation. It is of several types: rheumatic, purulent, eosinophilic. Acute myositis manifests itself as muscle inflammation that occurs when running on uneven terrain, squeezing or high jumps. At the same time, flexor muscles are stretched, sometimes with rupture of blood vessels and individual fibers, hemorrhages of a different nature appear.

Stray dogs will guard Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok are a dangerous place where crimes of various kinds occur regularly. To reduce crime, police turned to employees of Samsung Electronics, who developed a vest for stray dogs, equipped with surveillance cameras. Vests are of universal size and can be used for both miniature animals and larger ones.

Why is the dog getting fatter?

Igor, Kiev I feed my dog ​​according to the standards painted on the package with dry food. But for some reason he still gaining weight. Is it really necessary to give him less feed? Will he eat such meals? These standards are calculated for animals with an average level of physical activity. If a pet is walked for a short time and almost does not play with it, then, consuming this amount of food, it will gain weight.

Types of vitamins brevers for dogs

Vitamins brevers 8in1 is a complete set of canine vitamins, specially designed for convenient use by animals. The composition of vitamins natural ingredients that do not cause any allergic reactions. There are several options for the formulas of vitamins 8in1. Composition and types of vitamins Brewers for dogs So, the formula of Excel Small Breed multivitamin is designed for small breeds of dogs.

Why does the dog often farts and what to do?

Increased gas separation dog may not interfere in any way, but often it causes discomfort to the owners. Owners of dogs do not rarely notice that the dog farts more during physical exertion: running, climbing stairs, when experiencing strong emotions (even joy) or stress (for example, when a stranger appears in the house).


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