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Clothing for a toy terrier: buy or sew it yourself?

The Russian Toy Terrier is a tiny lap dog up to 26 cm and weighing up to 2.7 kg. This is a very sociable breed, devoted to the owner, but she doesn’t like to stay alone for a long time. The benefit of its size allows you to carry the dog with you, in a basket or in your arms, they will also let him into the hotel and any type of transport.

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Cholecystitis in dogs

Cholecystitis in dogs is a disease that affects the bile ducts and is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the gallbladder. Since this disease is quite rare in animals, it is very difficult to identify it in a timely manner. Causes of the disease In dogs, cholecystitis occurs for several reasons. The main causative agent of the disease is a microbe.

Lost dog: what you need to do

When the dog is lost, the most important thing is to start the search immediately. Even a small delay can significantly complicate the search for a lost dog. And even if you use a micro chip, and this gives you confidence that the dog will be found, do not rely only on the chip, do not sit idle. The dog is lost.

Causes of lymph node inflammation in a dog

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in a dog (lymphodenitis) is a symptom of quite a few diseases. First of all, it indicates that something is wrong in the body. Lymph nodes are filtered, clear lymph, enriching it with lymphocytes. At the same time they detain harmful substances entering the body, or infectious agents.

How to choose the best New Year's costume for dogs

The New Year is the most family holiday, not only adults and kids, but also pets. Any dog ​​will be glad to become the center of attention and decoration of the festive evening, for this you can buy her a beautiful New Year's costume. We will tell you what types of dog costumes exist and how to choose the one that will emphasize the character of your faithful friend.

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What is important to know before you buy a German Shepherd puppy?

The peculiarity of the German shepherd is that from a puppy of this breed you can grow a dog of almost any purpose. It can be a guard and a hunter, a guide and exhibition handsome, a policeman, a shepherd, a pet or even a movie star. Therefore, before choosing a puppy, it is necessary to clearly understand why you need him, what kind of dog you want to raise.

Poodle training

So, you became the owner of a purebred puppy poodle. Together with him a new joy and new worries came to your house. For your four-legged friend to be intelligent, obedient, you need love, patience and hard work. If you want to raise a raised dog, which would be a joy to both the owner and strangers, you will have to follow for yourself.

Fox hunting stories

Once happened such a case. Fox left overnight salary. The two of us and a friend came to the forest late, it was Sunday afternoon, and the friend stayed in the village on his household chores until lunchtime. A comrade asked for the hunt with me for the first time, so I did not dare to entrust him with checking. I had to spend about an hour on it, I found that the fox had not left, but there was not more than an hour and a half until dusk.

Team Sit! and nearby!

Each dog, even the one that belongs to the breeds bred artificially, retains the qualities of its primitive ancestors, from which it can be understood that its ancient ancestor is a wolf. That is, just like a wolf, a dog is an animal of the pack. Therefore, any dog ​​unquestioningly obeys the leader of the pack and wants to see its owner just like that.

Dog caricature - pets were dressed in the most "successful" outfits of stars from the Red Carpet

Date: 03/05/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov The dogs took part in a new project of caricatures of images from the Red Carpet. Every time after another celebrity appeared on the Red Carpet in the world, there is one more reason to play a trick on the stars, ridiculing their outfits. Stylish experts tirelessly express their criticism, smashing world actors to pieces according to all the canons of fashion.

The government wants to create a single base of dangerous dogs

In the State Duma, they are actively discussing the creation of a registration base for dangerous dogs. One of the representatives of the Duma Committee on Ecology, Vladimir Panov, noted that the owners of such animals should be aware of their responsibility to society. As for the owners of other animals, they can be registered on a voluntary basis.

Dry Dog Food Rating

On the shelves you can find food of various brands. And reading the composition on the package does not always help, many manufacturers know how to cheat, to give the desired for the real. Therefore, dog breeders and breeders make a rating of dry dog ​​food, so that everyone does not have to experiment with their animals.

Distinctive features of josera dog food

The German company Josera produces premium and super premium feed. These feeds have long been well known in Western European countries and only recently entered the Russian market. Advantages and composition of josera dog food (dzhosera) Genetically modified raw materials are not used in the production of dzoser food.

What are dog clippers?

Owners of dogs of those breeds that need constant care for their coat cannot do without a clipper. Even if the pet regularly visits the grooming salon to make the show coat look, some dogs (for example, Yorkshire terriers, lapdogs, and pomeranian) need to cut the wool weekly in certain places so that the dog looks tidy and well.

Standard and characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier

Cynology exists according to the principle that we call functional beauty. The dog pit bull terrier has the following characteristics and standard. It is beautiful to the extent that it responds to the functions for which it was created. A beautiful pit bull terrier is characterized by a structure that best suits the appearance of a good fighting dog.


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