Instructions for use of the vaccine Nobivak for dogs

The Nobivac vaccine series has been developed to protect dogs against common infectious diseases such as adenovirus hepatitis, carnivorous plague, parvovirus enteritis and rabies. They often cause the death of the animal. Both leptospirosis and aviary coughs threaten the health of dogs. Vaccine manufacturer Intervet, the Netherlands.

Tick ​​bite in a dog: symptoms and treatment methods

Ticks in dogs are usually observed with warming. Summer residents open the season, someone is just around the corner vacation or vacation, and the owners spend more time with their pets in the fresh air, enjoying the premonition of summer with them. And at this moment it is important not to forget about the danger that lurks our four-legged friends in the green grass and trees ... Symptoms of ticks in dogs Photo: Symptoms of ticks in dogs Observe the general condition of the pet.

Dog breeds loving children: TOP 7

Ask your child what gift he is waiting for his birthday. Already know very well? Of course, because your baby has repeatedly asked to give him a dog. And if you finally decided to fulfill his dream - to have a pet, think about which breed you need to make your choice. It is unlikely that your baby is interested in the exhibition "career" of a new, shaggy friend, but no parents will give up the faithful "nanny" to the house.

What and how to feed the Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog, although now it is increasingly being acquired for indoor keeping. But in order for her to be agile and fun, she needs proper nutrition. Feeding a puppy Jack Russell Terrier At first, the puppy must be fed the same way as the breeder. Club puppies are more often fed with dry puppy food, in which the nutritional elements are already properly balanced.

How to treat rhinitis in dogs?

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. The nature of this inflammation can be quite different: catarrhal, hemorrhagic, lobar and follicular. With the flow there are acute and chronic rhinitis, by origin - primary and secondary. The most common catarrhal rhinitis mainly in the cold season.

The beagle Breed standard, characteristics

The standard indicates what an ideal dog of a particular breed should be. It is published by a special club in the country where the breed was bred and, if there are several such clubs, then the oldest of them. Then the standard must be approved by the International Dog Association (FCI), after which breeders must strictly adhere to it when breeding a dog.

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Exercise "intelligence shelter"

And finally, we will talk about the program of training dogs for the defensive service, after successfully passing which, the dog is awarded a diploma of the 3rd degree, that is, the highest degree. The first exercise is to explore shelter. The trainer hides in such a way that, before finding him, the dog must undertake five or six intelligence services.

Features grooming claws in dogs

For dogs that regularly run on hard surfaces, additional care for their claws is usually not required. While running, they grind to a normal length. However, there are not many such dogs and mostly our pets walk on the grass of lawns or even in the hands of the owners, as representatives of decorative breeds.

How to choose a dry dog ​​food?

When you decide that you will feed your dog with ready-made dry food, and not natural food, you will immediately be asked how to choose dry food for your pet. At first glance, the question is very simple: find any rating of dry dog ​​food and choose the best products.

Why does a dog make puddles and what to do in this case?

Recently, we received a letter: “My dog ​​pissing at home, although earlier she wasn’t like that. Why does the dog get pissed and what should I do? Please help me solve this problem? ”Unfortunately, the letter’s author did not provide other details. But we will try to help in his situation and give a complete answer. Even if an adult dog has long been accustomed to going to the toilet only on the street, from time to time and with it a small embarrassment may occur.

Symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis in dogs

Pharyngitis in dogs is an inflammation of the mucous membrane, soft tissues of the pharynx and its lymphatic apparatus. It can be primary or secondary, chronic or acute. Also, veterinarians distinguish lobar, catarrhal and ulcerative pharyngitis. Causes of pharyngitis in dogs The cause of primary pharyngitis is most often caused by a cold in a dog or local cooling of the pharyngeal mucosa.

Breed description Sealyham Terrier

Scotch terrier Scottish terrier (Scotch terrier) is a breed of dog bred in Scotland. Sealyham Terrier - (Eng. Sealyham Terrier) - breed of dogs, bred in Wales and included in the group of terriers. Black and white are antonyms. And the famous label of a bottle of whiskey is the White Terrier (West Highland White Terrier), and the Scottish Terrier.

Why does the puppy drink a lot of water?

A puppy needs to constantly drink water and other liquids (milk, kefir, yogurt, porridge). If he eats dry food, then he should always have free access to clean and fresh water. However, if the animal suddenly began to drink too much, so that it became conspicuous, it should be a disturbing sign for the owner, because it can indicate quite serious diseases.

Which dry food is better for a pug?

Choose a dry pug feed - not an easy task. Dogs of this breed often have an allergy to the components of the feed, so you have to try a single brand before dwelling on a specific form. Rarely, the owners of pugs immediately find the best option, but still the advice of breeders will help them in this.

The dog has failed paws. What to do?

The owners, who suddenly became witnesses of how their dogs suddenly refused paws, are very lost, not knowing what to do and how to help the pet. Just yesterday, they were happy about how their pet was playing catch-up quickly, and today it is lying, unable to rise. Causes of paw failure in a dog There may be many reasons why a dog may refuse paws.

The most common diseases of the German shepherd

In general, the German Shepherd is a strong and hardy dog, although its individual members may have hereditary tendencies towards a number of diseases. This primarily refers to the musculoskeletal system, since even young animals can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia or have problems with intervertebral discs.

What vaccinations and when do alabay?

Alabai are hardy dogs, famous all over the world for their powerful health, but this does not save their owners from the obligation to vaccinate them. Vaccination is necessary to protect dogs from dangerous infectious diseases against which natural immunity is powerless. The fact that vaccination is necessary for Alabayam is recognized by almost all owners of these dogs.


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