Yorkshire Terrier Health and Disease

For the prevention of skin diseases in Yorkshire terrier, you must regularly bring the dog to an experienced veterinarian.

The health of your gracious Yorkshire depends primarily on the vaccinations given.. If the mother received all the necessary vaccinations against infectious viruses, hepatitis and leptospirosis, then they are not given for 8-9 weeks.

In this case, they are made at 10-11 week. Vaccination against rabies is done on the 6th month of life.

Subsequently, all these vaccinations are repeated once a year. To combat the most common internal parasites, such as worms, it is necessary to introduce appropriate measures starting from the 20th day of life and repeat them every 15 days. To control the reproduction of parasitic forms inside the intestine, it is necessary to pass feces for analysis every 3 months. A particularly dangerous disease is cardiopulmonary filariasis, common in humid areas with an abundance of mosquitoes.

It is tolerated by the most common mosquitoes. The mosquito-borne parasite infiltrates the dog’s skin and pulmonary artery, which can even be fatal. Symptoms are not rarely manifested quite late and are expressed in a significant decrease in the activity of the animal. There is no vaccination against pulmonary filariasis, but if prophylaxis is carried out, it is possible to destroy the harmful larvae introduced by mosquitoes 30-60 days before the start of treatment.

The most common diseases of the Yorkshire Terrier

Like many small breed dogs, york teeth are not the strongest place. Milk teeth in these dogs change much later than in dogs of large and medium breeds. As a rule, milk canines should be removed at veterinary clinics. A tooth appears on the molars of Yorkies, because of what they do not look very beautiful and usually by 4-5 years old, the teeth begin to loose and fall out. For yorks, brushing and tartar removal is a must. However, it only slows down the process of tooth loss.

A fairly common problem is hernia. This is due to the fact that the thickness of the abdominal wall in the groin of Yorkshire terriers is slightly wider than the newspaper. This is often the cause of an inguinal hernia. Treatment - only in specialized veterinary clinics.

Musculoskeletal system york also subject to certain diseases. The most typical of them are fractures of the cruciate ligament of the knee joint. They are due to weakness of the ligaments. However, observing not complicated rules, the risk of these diseases can be negated. The main thing to exclude the sharp traumatic movements of the Yorkshire terriers. For example, jumping to the floor with hands. And it is especially important to maintain proper nutrition.



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