Instructions for use and reviews on Exec for dogs

Execane is a French drug for treating skin diseases in dogs, such as eczema non-parasitic and non-bacterial, and allergic etiology or acute and chronic dermatitis.

The composition of the drug is primarily dexamethasone. It is a synthetic glucocorticoid, actively acting against any inflammation. It has a much greater anti-inflammatory activity compared to natural glucocorticoids, and therefore the drug relieves inflammation and itching much faster.

In this case, dexamethasone in the intestine is easily absorbed and distributed in the tissues. The preparation also contains valuable substances: vitamin PP (nicotinamide) 10 mg; Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) and methionine - an amino acid necessary for the synthesis of keratin and liver cells.

Instructions for use

Execan is produced in the form of a sugar cube, which is easily dissolved in water. It is given to the dog simply from the hand as a treat or added to drinking water or food. The first four days the medicine is given at the rate of half a cube to an animal weighing up to 5 kg, one cube to a dog weighing 5-15 kg, one and a half cube to an animal weighing 15-30 kg and two dices heavier.

The next eight days, the dose is reduced exactly twice from the original. Execan is not advisable to give to animals during pregnancy and small puppies, as well as with diseases such as diabetes or acute viral. Some animals may experience vomiting while using the medication.


Packing with 16 cubes costs about 600 rubles. You can also buy one cube for about 40 rubles.

Reviews on drug exec for dogs

Review №1

What I like most about such drugs is the release form and the fact that it is not against the dog. We always have such anguish to give a pill or make an injection. And our execan Butch eats with great pleasure just from the hand. Well, he treats, of course. We have treated our eczema well. And in just two weeks. Already no trace on the skin left.

Angelina, St. Petersburg

Review number 2

We were advised of this drug when our Chinese crested had red spots on its back. It turned out that atypical dermatitis. She must have responded to the feed like that. But while we understood this, the dog was already in red pimples and itching desperately.

It was very sorry for the beast, which even could not sleep normally. The execan eased the psinki’s suffering on the second day, and ten days later she was already healthy and happy. Of course, the drug is expensive. But the main thing here is that it helps well.

Roman, Moscow



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