How to teach a dog to jump?

Jumps come in different kinds of cynological sports, even dancing. Jumps are different, but first you need to teach the dog to jump over the obstacle.

Such an obstacle in dance often becomes a cane, a hoop, an umbrella, or even the hands and feet of the host. For training it is better to use a barrier that is easy to reset. Usually it is two racks and a stick on them, which is easily dropped when relying on it.

Jumping dog learning algorithm

  1. For a start, the height is minimal, which the dog is not afraid to step over.
  2. A piece of delicacy or a toy is taken into the hand, interesting to the animal, and the owner steps over the barrier so that the dog follows it. As soon as she stepped over, she received praise and delicacy.
  3. When the dog easily follows the owner through the barrier, you can complicate the task: having approached the barrier, send the animal through it, and bypass it yourself.
  4. When the dog boldly overcomes an obstacle, the command "Barrier" is entered.
  5. After an excellent mastery of the team, you can gradually increase the height of the barrier. When an animal successfully overcomes an obstacle, it should be praised and stimulated with a treat.

After learning and this lesson, you can continue to complicate the task. Now the barrier is a stick in the hand of the owner. It is necessary to take exactly the stick through which the dog has already jumped. They take it in the left hand and put it against a wall or a tree to form a barrier. In the right hand - a delicacy. Next, the command "Barrier" is given and the right hand shows what the dog needs to do.

When she jumped stick - gets a treat. After learning the lesson, you can begin to move away from the wall, offering the dog to jump over the outstretched stick. Then you can begin to change the obstacles to an umbrella, cane, etc. To teach an animal to jump over arms and legs, you can sit by a tree and touch it with your hand, forming a barrier.

A command is given and the direction of the jump is shown to the dog with the second hand. When the dog boldly jumps over an arm or leg against a tree, the support retracts and classes are transferred to any other territory. Gradually, the gesture with the second hand is minimized, indicating the direction that the dog would respond only to the command with a voice.

No need to scold the dog when she caught and dropped the projectile wand. Very quickly, it will begin to more accurately overcome the obstacle. In order to make the jump long and beautiful, it is possible to put a bowl with a delicacy a meter from the barrier, on the side where the animal is jumping.



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