Why do dogs eat grass?

Your dog asks you to go for a walk with her, gets his way, and first of all he stuffs his mouth with grass ... after which he immediately spits up everything that he eats.

Or maybe your dog behaves like a gourmet, methodically looking for the right bush of grass, and eating it does not show any anxiety or side effects. This is a common dog behavior that confuses many dog ​​owners.

In fact, as a result of one survey, it turned out that the grass is the most commonly eaten by the dogs plant. But why do dogs eat grass? To be honest, one hundred percent true answer to this question does not exist.

Possible reasons

Different dogs eat grass for different reasons. But understanding why your dog does it will help you respond to this behavior correctly.

It is delicious

Your pet eats every single crumb left under the table after dinner, so why stop there? Being by nature scavengers, the kanids are programmed to search for food wherever possible.

It is possible that your dog simply likes the taste of grass. Or she satisfies in this way some kind of nutritional need (for example, in fiber), which her usual food cannot cope with.

What if a dog eats a lot of grass?

In some cases, this behavior stops when the owners transfer the dog to high-fiber foods. If you think this may help in your case, do not forget to consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dog's diet.

The dog is bored

In some cases, the dog eats grass just as a pastime. The dog has its own lawn, but he has nothing to do with it. Does your pet have enough communication? Do you play with him? Did you notice that he eats more grass when you play less and walk with him?

What to do? Often the solution to this problem may be to buy a chewing toy or to conduct regular training with your dog.

Stomach upset

Some experts believe that dogs use grass for self-treatment. When your pet has problems with digestion, he begins to look for medicinal herbs. This is most likely in cases where this behavior begins suddenly or when the dog is extremely restless when eating grass, often stretching its neck and making swallowing movements, and then immediately regurgitates what has been eaten.

However, studies show that this behavior is observed quite rarely: less than 25% of dogs feel sick after eating grass, and less than 10% showed signs of a disease before this. What to do? In some cases, an upset stomach can be a sign of something more serious, such as gastritis or intestinal inflammation, so it makes sense to consult a veterinarian.

Still not sure? Do not worry. Many vets consider eating grass normal behavior. Although dogs do not get any nutrients from the grass, as long as it is not contaminated with dangerous pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, your pet's health is not threatened.



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