How to educate and train the Yorkshire Terrier (York)?

Raising york must begin as early as possible. It requires consistency and a certain hardness. Indeed, despite the fact that the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, she always strives to become a leader.

And since the owners often treat such dogs as eternal babies, they become especially aggressive and able to terrorize the whole family and its guests. Urgent measures are necessary if York suddenly begins to deteriorate behavior. In general, any terrier, regardless of its size, must undergo a course of training, at least for obedience.

Important points in the education and training of the basic commands of training the Yorkshire Terrier

  • When training York, one will have to be patient, he needs time to learn.
  • When bringing up a york master, it is important to constantly insist on his leadership. He should always give commands himself. He should also eat first and give nothing from his table.
  • Teams like Huh have a huge influence. or "Place!". They must be clear and confident.
  • Also important teams for York are "Sit" and "Lie", which teach the animal to discipline.

Some yorki love to bark uncontrollably (how to properly wean a dog from barking, read here). Therefore, for them it will also be relevant to be trained to the team "Tycho". It is imperative that when educating York they train him to use the toilet in a special tray. Every time he fulfills his needs in the space provided, the dog is encouraged. Then the training goes much faster.

The task of the owner in this training is at the right time to carry the puppy in his "toilet". First of all, this is done after sleeping, after eating and when he begins to “circle” around the room in search of a secluded place. And after the success of praise and give a treat. It is also important not to teach York to sleep in the master's bed. He must have his own cot.

Sleeping with the owner for the dog means that it is the main one. Training York can occur in the form of a game, then it becomes fun for the dog.

How to train York correctly: dog handlers advice on raising a Yorkshire terrier

It should be remembered that in this breed there are no fundamental differences between males and females. They are equally affectionate, willing to live in the house and do not differ in size. The first principle to be observed in raising a Yorkshire terrier is the principle of consistency. A Yorkshire terrier puppy must first learn to recognize its name and be able to walk on a leash. To achieve optimal results, you need to use its ability for associative learning.

For good behavior, reward him with tender words or delicacy; for a bad one, make a firm reprimand. Much depends on the correct choice of the name. Give your pet a short and easily recognizable name. During the first days, pronounce it so that it is associated with something pleasant. But when you reprimand him, in no case do not call him by name. Otherwise, the Yorkshire terrier puppy will begin to associate his name with unpleasant situations.

In any case, physical punishment is completely excluded. To teach a Yorkshire terrier to walk on a leash, start learning with introductory exercises. For example, offer him a walk holding your left foot, and if he obeys, praise him. Try to make your first walk where there are few people and cars so that your pet does not associate its first experiences with something unpleasant. Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier needs a more varied diet than large dogs.

  • It is better to train every day. If the owner is not confident in his abilities of the trainer, then it is better to contact the instructor-canine. Although it is possible to learn and self-study Yorkshire terrier.
  • Start learning York should be at the age of one and a half to two months.
  • Commands are pronounced distinctly and decisively, but not frightening. All training should be based on encouraging the right actions with praise and goodies.

When training York can not be beat, however, like any other dog. You can not shake him by the collar like a cat. You can call him to order and pay attention to yourself with a loud bang, for example, newspapers on the table.



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