Description and characteristics of the Great Dane

Possessing such qualities as a powerful constitution, a proud disposition and elegance, the Great Dane is rightfully considered as an Apollo among dogs.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics and description of the German Great Dane breed. The minimum height at the withers is 80 centimeters for males, 72 centimeters for females. It is desirable, however, that these values ​​be slightly higher. The head is oblong, narrow, expressive, well-defined, with a marked transition from the forehead to the nose.

Upper lip should be large.

Muzzle - complete.

The head should be proportional to the size of the rest of the body.

The eyes are predominantly dark with a lively and intelligent expression. Ears, if cropped, should be raised up.

The teeth are strong and even with a bite in the form of scissors.

Nose is thick with black color.

The neck is long and dry.

The chest is well developed in width and depth. The shape of the body should be close to the square. The line of the back should be firm, straight. The croup should be slightly sloping. The tail is of medium length and slightly elevated above the withers. In the resting position it should hang down. When the dog moves to be slightly raised, but not above the back line. Forelegs strong and muscular are perfect, sheer. The hips of the hind limbs are wide and muscular.

Paws are round and compact. Fingers are short and tight-fitting to each other. The gait is wide and springy.

The coat is very short, thick, tight to the body and shiny. According to its color, the dogs are divided into 5 varieties: red, tiger, blue, black and marble.

Red Dog should have a yellow-golden color with no white spots on the chest and a mask on the face. And the mask goes beyond the eye line.

Brindle color consists of bright black stripes, located with moderate frequency on a yellow-golden background.

Great Dane has a bluish-steel color without yellow or black highlights.

Black dog It has a black, shiny, as if varnished wool. Blue and black dogs have white spots on the chest and paw tips. Marble dogs deserve a separate discussion in view of the exceptional variety of colors and pigmentation. An ideal marble dog should have a coat with a snow-white background without kores.

It should be with black spots of medium size with torn outlines, evenly distributed throughout the body. Eyes should be dark, nose black. The difficulty of obtaining a similar set of ideal characteristics in the same individual necessitated a more tolerant attitude towards the color of the eyes and nose, as well as the color of the spots.

As a result, a lighter eye color is allowed, although not desirable. Eyes of different colors, a spotty or pink nose, and gray or brown spots are also allowed, provided that they are not large and rare. Individuals with large black spots on a white background are black dogs. They also include black individuals with white spots on the neck, chest, limbs and tail.

Great Dane, with its majestic and imposing outlines, seems like a giant. One of its kind sometimes instilling a person in a sense of fear. But those who have studied his character well know that behind these royal forms there are kindness, sensitivity and exceptional affection. It is reasonable to say that the Great Dane is a collection of all the qualities that a person is looking for in a dog. And first of all - it is faithful and absolutely reliable friend.

An excellent watchdog, completely doggy, possesses the innate instinct of a human protector and never deceives trust. Despite his tremendous physical strength, he loves to play with children, being extremely careful in dealing with the smallest of them and expressing his joy in communicating with them in a thousand ways.

The Great Dane also likes to rest for a long time, especially in the presence of family members, whose voices are eagerly listened to. Great Dane does not create any comfort in the house, where he always displays exceptional vigilance and guarantees calm and safety by his presence.

We also add that the owner of the Great Dane must possess spiritual qualities worthy of his character.



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