Why are immunomodulators for dogs?

Immunomodulators are necessary for a dog when she has been diagnosed with acute or chronic infection, immunological insufficiency, stress, prolonged drug or antibiotic therapy was given, antihelmintic drugs were given, etc.

However, for each individual case it is better to use a specific drug, and therefore in the use of immunomodulators it is necessary to consult a doctor. There are quite a few immunomodulators for dogs.

The most popular immunomodulators for dogs

Glycopin (tablets 1 mg each) is a drug that modulates the immune system of a fairly wide spectrum of action. He has almost no side effects, although he is not recommended to give pregnant animals.

Ribotan - is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective drug, which is administered to dogs subcutaneously or intramuscularly during the treatment of various infections and inflammations.

Fosprenil and immunofan are used for viral diseases, as well as some skin problems. These drugs have a detoxification effect. They are also used in the fight against stress. The most convenient is their intramuscular administration. If you properly comply with the dosage, side effects do not occur.

The nucleopeptide has proven itself well in terms of molting disorders. Marked by the fact that very gently restores the body.

Maxidine gives not only antiviral, but also antitumor effect. This is a very effective drug with a strong effect. It enhances the production of interferon in the dog's body - proteins secreted by cells in response to the invasion of a virus. In addition, the use of this drug improves the condition of the skin and coat of the animal.

Gamavit is one of the most popular immunomodulators in dog breeders. This is a complex drug that includes vitamins, trace elements and various amino acids. It is especially effective for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, anemia, toxicosis, and various stresses. Contraindications gamavit not. It is also rarely used during the preparation of dogs for exhibitions. Introduce the drug intramuscularly.

Katozal is a drug that in its action is similar to gamavit. It is also a complex immunomodulator, which increases the body's resistance well.



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