How to teach a puppy to the toilet?

Teaching your puppy to the toilet is not easy, and you need to approach it seriously.

Starting from 10-15 days of age, the crumbs make the first attempts to get out of their shelter and to relieve themselves. The little puppy does its business quite often - this happens right after sleep, after each feeding, after games, in total - about 15 times a day.

Until the baby is given a full course of vaccinations, he cannot go out, therefore, you need to be patient and start raising the ward. It is necessary to accustom the puppy to the toilet immediately, try to do it in a period of up to 6-7 weeks, since after 7 weeks it will not be easy to change the already formed behavior.

The easiest way to teach a puppy to the toilet when its territory is limited, for example, a cage or aviary. Expanding the space is only if you notice that the puppy is used to meet the needs of a particular place.

Basic rules for puppy toilet training

As a rule, breeders teach a pet to go "on business" to a newspaper, which is located near its beds or bowls. There is a small trick: when a puppy pees on a newspaper, do not throw it all away, tear off a part and place a new newspaper under it each time - this will help the kid to find his temporary toilet for smell. There are three basic rules, the observance of which will help to quickly teach a pet to the toilet:

  1. Puppy can not be treated rudely. In no case can not poke his face in a puddle, the aggression has never when did not help in learning. If the puppy went where it should not be, it is necessary to say in a strict voice that this is not possible, you can bend the puppy's head to the crime scene, and then carry it to where it should have gone.
  2. Punishment of a puppy for offense should be immediately. If, for example, you woke up in the morning and noticed a pile or puddle, you shouldn’t swear anymore, your pet will not understand what exactly you are punishing him for.
  3. Do not forgive in any case for a puddle, especially in your presence. Having not received a punishment for his misconduct, the puppy will never accustom to the toilet, but will consider that writing on the carpet is quite normal and correct.

If you are careful, then pay attention to the fact that before you do your business, the puppy performs various characteristic actions, such as barking, sniffing around the floor, marking time in one place, abruptly freezes by chance, well, and starts to squat.

As soon as you notice this behavior, make some kind of distracting gesture, clap your hands and shout "Foo!". A sharp sound will distract the puppy and give you time to transfer it to the newspaper. After the pet has done things in the right place, be sure to praise him, and you can encourage him with some delicacy.

What if you can not teach a puppy to the toilet?

As a rule, it takes 8-10 days to teach a puppy to write on a newspaper. What to do if the puppy does not obey, and repeatedly writes, for example, on the carpet? To begin with, carefully wash the place of puppy excrement, better by some means having a sharp unpleasant smell - this should scare away.

And, if, nevertheless, the puppy does not react, and continues to do its business in one and the same not suitable place, then go to meet it, and start putting a newspaper on this place. Currently, there are means by which the pet quickly gets used to the toilet, for example, spray "Serko". The tool should be applied to the newspaper, smelling, the puppy will be easier to find a toilet. You can also buy a special tray for dogs, it can be both for girls and with a column for boys. Of course, such funds cannot be called a panacea, but at least they will provide you with some help. Every dog ​​breeder must understand that a small puppy is the same child that you need to watch out for and care for.

He can spoil you not only the carpets and the floor, but also furniture and shoes, so it’s better to remove it for a while somewhere far away, and as soon as the puppy grows and turns into an adult clever dog, then return all the expensive furniture and carpets to a place. When cleaning carpets should be aware that the floor on which the puppy will walk, should not be slippery - this can lead to deformation of the bones during growth.

Instead, you can just lay an old rug or mat for a while. As soon as all vaccinations are done, and the pet will get a little stronger, it will be possible to take it out and teach it to do its job there. During the first time it is better to withdraw more often - 5-6 times a day, for a few minutes. At first, try to adjust the party under the time when the puppy should want to go to the toilet, for example, after sleeping or feeding.

Do not forget to praise, he must understand from you that he did something right. At about 5-6 months, the puppy is already completely accustomed to doing things on the street, and they consider their apartment not their small cot, but their entire apartment, and therefore they try to keep it clean, because cleanliness in dogs is an innate quality.



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