English Bulldog: care, health, nutrition

Although the English Bulldog breed is distinguished by excellent health and good resistance to dangerous diseases, you must be confident in the person from whom you get the dog.

If you purchase a bulldog from a competent dog owner, the bulldog will be your friend for many years, during which you do not have to, especially taking care of his health.

If your chosen dog is the result of careless selection or was raised by an inexperienced or worse than an dishonest person, then health problems can arise very much. Therefore, it is better to apply for a bulldog puppy to reliable dog breeders. Choosing a puppy, check that he breathes properly. If he publishes a heavy rattle, check with a specialist if this is not related to the common cold.

If this wheeze has not stopped even after treatment, it means that the puppy has a respiratory disease, and it will grow up sick and will not move well. A good bulldog should breathe properly and be able to move freely and follow its owner everywhere. Of course, one cannot demand from a dog with such a powerful physique as that of a bulldog, to run after the owner riding a bicycle under the hot July sun.

However, with regard to walking, then the English Bulldog should have no problems with it. The effects of heat stroke, which a dog may undergo, staying in the sun for a long time on a summer day, or being in too hot a room, can be disastrous.

Another small problem for the English Bulldog is the blistering between the fingers, a kind of bloody boils. They need to be lubricated with tincture of colorless iodine and in a few days they will disappear. Wrinkles that form around the eyes and on the ears are subject to special care. Both of these areas should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in rose water. And wrinkles under the eyes must be lubricated with glycerin cream.

Finally, we recommend not to feed the English Bulldog. Since overweight, that is, the weight disproportionate to the size of the animal, can adversely affect its breathing and movements, and therefore, the heart activity. The basis of healthy and regular food should be fresh meat, boiled rice, fish, one egg per week, if the dog loves it and a variety of vegetables or finished products of the highest grade.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to ensure that the food of the English Bulldog is well balanced and not excessive. Dog food is available for sale, the composition of which is selected in such a way that they fully satisfy all the needs of the animal. Feed mixes allow you to build a diet of the English Bulldog in such a way that all of its real needs are met, and a balance between the main nutrients is ensured.



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