Fox Hound Hunting, Hare Hunt

Hunting fox with hounds was my friend's one of the most beloved, but it was all a long time ago, back in the 70s .... For many years he has not kept the hounds, but with all his heart belongs to those racers who highly appreciate the skills of the hounds in the work on the hare, but they even more value dogs that immediately quit chasing the hare as soon as they come across the "red" beast - the fox. In the old days, these hounds were valued very highly and were called “red-toes.”

Now there are more hunters with hounds working on the hare, especially among the townspeople who go hunting in their own vehicles. As a rule, they go hunting in the morning, sometimes for fairly long distances. They leave in the evening or in the early morning, if they are lucky, the dogs will raise a couple of hares, maybe take them, then they are called from the forest (often the dogs do not work too viscous), and in the evening the hunters are at home.

Such hunters, of course, are not suitable for the hounds - the "red-hens". If they went along with a fox, they work with full efficiency, without regard, until the end, naturally delaying the return of the owners to their homes. For hunters, going to the field for one day, it is very easy to lose such dogs.

Of course, the hunt with the master hound for a hare is very good, but, in the opinion of my friend, the hunting of good dogs by a fox is much more interesting, fun, more fun. In this race, hounds are much less off the track (less so-called chips) and, accordingly, less interrupted in the recoil of the voice with a short-term loss of the track (so-called peremolchki). But the most important thing is that at the same time, dogs show a huge passion, which encourages their voices to play even more beautifully, louder and fiercer.

The hound of dogs on the red beast is smoother; it is easier to work on the trail of the hound, since usually the fox trail is simpler, relatively speaking, “straighter” than the hare, the fox shows fewer tricks, despite the fact that the nickname “tricky” .

In fact, the hound work on the trail of a hare is very difficult. At the same time she has to understand the countless loops, twos, threes, discounts hare. A hare is also a "wisdom" on the roads uses. All this is much more difficult for a hound than working on the fox trail.

A reasonable question arises - is the hare really cunning than a fox? Of course no. All the "tricks" and tricks of the hare are almost the same, standard, they rarely appear any new actions (for example, jumping a white hare on the trunk of a semi-hallowed tree). Almost all the techniques used by the hare, purely instinctive.

They passed to him a legacy from many generations of ancestors, who more than once managed to escape from enemies, using similar tricks, originally obtained by chance. On a small example, you can see how unclean the tricks of the hare are. The hare is trying to escape from the greyhounds on the road just as it had saved itself from the hounds.

In this situation, the smell of the track weakens or is completely lost among the road smells, but in the case of greyhounds leaving the road, the hare loses much - on the road, it is in full view. It would be much more effective for the hare to hide from the speed and vigilant pursuers in the weeds, bushes that are always on the field. Greyhounds immediately abandon the pursuit, losing the hare - hare out of sight.



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