A dog that is always there - interesting facts

A dog is man's best friend. This fact, which does not require evidence. And we have collected 4 more interesting facts that will surely interest the owners of these amazing animals!

1. Dogs are always watching you, even in their sleep.

We are in absolute certainty that every living creature needs a full sleep, but it is not. Dogs do not sleep deeply, they are in constant "standby". To see this, just look at them at night. The body of the dog is really asleep, but the eyes remain at least half open and watch your every move, so as not to miss a single movement.

Dogs have a radius of view of approximately one meter, within which the owner can easily move before the dog has an internal signal, and he will wake up to follow you.

Another interesting nuance: despite their intelligence, these animals can not remember in what room there can be something interesting, and in which host you can let go of one without the risk of missing something. This explains why the animal faithfully goes to the toilet for you and watches the TV patiently, even if after several unsuccessful attempts it could understand that there will be nothing interesting in this pastime.

2. The dog is in pathological dependence on the owner.

The owners of four-legged friends notice that during the walk the pet does not move a step away from them. Where is the owner - there and dog. And the bolder animals, if they run away from the owner, they still always follow him with their eyes.

Once you leave the dog at home for a long time, it starts to get bored and offended, trash the apartment and bitterly heart-rending. Without a host, the dog is bad and sad. And even if the owner suddenly decides that he no longer needs a pet and dishonorably throws the animal out into the street, the faithful dog will still be ready to come running to him at the first call. Zoopsychologists know many examples when even after humiliations and beatings dogs instantly flew to the aid of a cruel master if he himself got into trouble.

3. Dogs love to look owners in the eye

Despite the amazing loyalty, our four-legged friends know how to perfectly manipulate us. To do this, they do not even do anything especially - they are just persistently pursuing us and looking at us with plaintive eyes. The person will do everything, just not to see this sad look.

By the way, the fact: sometimes dogs become aggressive when they want something. They bark loudly, rush at the owner, run from room to room. And with this behavior, they rarely get what they want, but almost certainly slippers from the owner. But it is worth it to the dog to become timid and passive, to be silent and sad to look into the eyes of a person - and he agrees to everything. And walk your pet at 6 in the morning in the rain, and give him your piece of meat.

4. Dogs - the most sarcastic creatures in the animal world.

The dog is a very patient animal, which meekly follows a person from room to room, waiting for him at the store or in a locked car. But sooner or later this dog gets bored, and it makes a sound similar to the one that happens after the pressure is released from the steam valve. This is not an annoyed sigh. With the help of this sound, dogs very subtly hint to the owner, as they are tired of everything. But a person communicating with others also does this. When one does not want to say something offensive, but there is no strength to hold in one's discontent, we sigh loudly and roll our eyes.

No other animal in the world has sarcasm. When a cat is angry, it becomes proud and arrogant. Chimpanzees are thrown at the offender with stones and fruits to show their indignation. And the other animals do not show their emotions at all. So the dogs, as it turned out, are much more like us, humans, than we think.



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