Puppies without pedigree: why is it dangerous to buy

Beginner breeder, before you buy a dog wonders - "Buy him a puppy with a pedigree or not?". Of course, this question often arises only among those who want a pedigree dog, but preferably cheaper. Rereading hundreds of ads - a person is sometimes so confused in terms that in the end he makes a huge mistake and buys a puppy without documents, wanting to save money. Let's take a look at the basic deception schemes that “grief” vendors use.

Puppies without pedigree: three cheating breeders

The first and perhaps the most common deception. Puppy is offered without documents, as mating is unplanned. In itself, the phrase "unscheduled mating" was invented by dishonest breeders only to deceive the future buyer, since all mating in dogs can be called planned. The only difference is that truly club dogs with a good pedigree, no one will mate until one and a half years and after eight years, and also mating for pedigreed dogs is unacceptable more than once a year.

This is done solely for the health of the bitch and that in the future it was not rejected for breeding. Childbirths up to one and a half years threaten that the first puppies of an unstitched bitch will be born most quickly with a marriage (wrong bite, bone defects, fewer teeth, bad hair, etc.).

These defects of puppies are recorded in the mother's club card and further negatively affect the show scores, as well as they can generally be made sterilized if the offspring of the offspring are too obvious. Childbirth after eight years is forbidden by kennel clubs, since at this age a dog can no longer bear full-fledged puppies without harming itself.

For the same reason, childbirth for purebred dogs more than once a year is also prohibited. Knowing this, when buying, you should understand that if the mating is, so to say, “unplanned,” then the puppy cannot be pedigreed, even if all its ancestors are champions and have the most wonderful pedigree.

Second cheating, with documents the puppy is much more expensive. In fact, this is a huge lie! Since paperwork for a puppy costs, depending on the region, 300-1000 rubles, it takes no more than 30 minutes and, of course, responsible dog breeders always draw them up. And who does not make out and why? Do not make out, first of all, those who do not have documents on the bitch or stala itself, or the mating is not legal (unplanned). So, the puppy you bought will be just a cur and it doesn’t matter that his parents are alike or are representatives of the breed.

Third cheating, you can buy the same puppy with and without documents. This deception in the first place should alert you greatly. What is a puppy with documents and how easy it is for the dog to arrange them, we have already figured out, so let's think logically and think about why the owner decided to give the dear puppy with all the documents cheaper? In order to understand this, you do not need to be an experienced breeder or economist.

Everything is trivial - a puppy with a marriage and will not be able to take part in exhibitions, and in connection with this his fastest and will not allow in the future and to breeding. The owner, while making a "discount" on a puppy in the absence of documents, simply does not want to have an entry in the card of his dog about the birth of unconditioned puppies. It is also possible that it is unknown who the father of these puppies is, but for now the puppy is small, only an experienced specialist will be able to completely approve the breed of dog. Or it is a criminal situation - puppies are from a foreign dog, this is not rare.

You can dream of a purebred dog, and be touched by a puppy - bought without documents for cheap, but remember - this is not a pedigree dog, which means you can expect everything from it - mental disorders (unreasonable barking, aggression, rabies, etc.). Also, all sorts of mestizos are not rare big health problems. Plus know, even if your puppy is the most beautiful in the world, but without documents, then he is a mongrel and in the future he will be only your companion. You will never be allowed to show it at the exhibition, and of course it will not be allowed to reproduce it categorically, therefore, ideally, you will have to sterilize it.

If you really want to buy a good dog with all the qualities inherent in the breed, be sure to purchase a puppy with a full set of documents, which includes a puppy passport with a note about his parents, brand and breeder, as well as a veterinary passport marks on vaccinations.



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