Character and description of the English Bulldog

The character of the English Bulldog, like its appearance, is absolutely unique.

First of all, it should be noted that in a good bulldog even today there are all the characteristics that made this breed a legend for all times.

The most striking features of the character of the English Bulldog is boundless couragewhich, even today, compels him to accept a challenge from any opponent, even a much stronger one.

The English Bulldog is an exceptional power contained in its mighty, though not very large body. English Bulldog is a resistance to pain, allowing him, without batting an eye, to endure the most monstrous pain, which creates the impression that he is insensitive to her. In addition to these generic features, today's bulldog has a number of great new qualities.

For example, the love of children, who earned him the nickname of a nanny in England, and a careful attitude to the weakest, whether elderly or small domestic animals, open sympathy for guests and family friends. Another feature of the English Bulldog is that it needs minimal space and, thanks to its innate laziness, it is content with very short walks.

In addition, the owner does not require much effort to make him move. Thus, the English Bulldog is ideally suited for living in an apartment, where it will not cause you any inconvenience, even if the space is very limited. Having seen the kindness of the English bulldog to treat everyone around, especially children, how patiently he endures living conditions in an apartment, where he has to remain locked up for a long time, we will nevertheless make a mistake if we consider that we are dealing with a weak-willed burdock.

In fact, the English Bulldog is a very serious dog. Previously, he was used as a fighting dog and the soft features of his character indicate his strength, not weakness. English Bulldog is not aggressive, because it is completely confident in their abilities. If he shows such condescension in dealing with the weakest, it is only from what is perfectly able to distinguish friends from enemies.

The English bulldog never attacks first, but if he is forced to fight, he does it on conscience and grief to anyone who dares to threaten his owners and home. God forbid, if someone's behavior seems to contain a challenge, because the English bulldog has an irresistible power and ruthless grip that is not inclined to unclench. So the careless aggressor, at best, will have to endure the imposition of several stitches.



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