Development and implementation of a new draft law on animal rights

Date: 01/23/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

People's Artist Elena Kamburova - patron and protector of animals

Elena Kamburova has long expressed sympathy for our smaller brothers, she regularly participates in actions to protect animals, offers her own projects, and today supports the development and implementation of a new bill regarding the protection of pet rights. Legislative measure of the actress is considered a real necessity, which will help return the moral and moral values ​​of citizens of the country.

Helen insists that the right attitude to dogs and cats is formed in childhood. Therefore, the responsible task is assigned to parents - to tell that an animal, like a person, feels joy and grief, warmth and pain, hunger and fear. Therefore, pets should be treated as equals, paying attention to their emotions and feelings.

One of the mandatory points of the bill, according to Elena, should be the regulation of breeders. After all, they are more the cause of stray dogs. Unsold puppies get on the street, where they are forced to use all means for survival.

The actress supports the idea of ​​chipping pets. She is convinced that this approach will allow to control the number of stray dogs, as well as allow you to quickly find a pet, in case of loss. Kamburova also promotes charitable activities that will allow animal shelters to develop, providing their "guests" with all necessary.

Elena shared her thoughts on the culture of raising and handling pets. The actress urges all dog owners to use a leash and a muzzle during a walk. This is especially important for owners of large breeds. Kamburova admits that she herself once fell victim to the owner’s irresponsible attitude to her pet: an angry rottweiler attacked the actress’s dog, the owner of which stood aside and made no attempt to separate the animals.



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