Vitamin complexes Kanina for dogs and puppies

Dogs often receive less vitamins and nutrients from food, which affects their health and provokes the appearance of various pathologies. Trading company "Kanina" produces feed, additives and vitamins Kanina for dogs, products of this brand are in great demand among famous breeders. What is the uniqueness of Kanin products and how to determine that your dog needs additional preparations - you can read about this and many other things in our material.

Is there a need for vitamins for dogs

Remember how often in the winter you come to the pharmacy in search of your favorite drops in bright packaging, hoping to get rid of endless colds, stress, chronic fatigue and fill your body with additional energy?

But useful supplements are beneficial not only to the human body - they are equally important for our pets, although many owners stubbornly reject this fact. Dogs spend a lot of energy due to their playful disposition, curiosity and extraordinary activity. The body is not always able to fully restore its quantity and it is here that multivitamin complexes come to the rescue.

Features of vitamin consumption

Veterinarians claim that even providing your pet with a fully balanced diet, you can not always meet the needs of a growing or experiencing increased physical activity of the dog. In addition, the daily menu of the animal also has its own characteristics, most of which concern meat and meat products.

The daily rate of meat already contains the right amount of vitamins, fatty and essential amino acids, but in the process of cooking some of the vitamins are destroyed. At the same time, experts do not advise giving the dog raw meat or offal, as this is fraught with infection by pathogenic bacteria or parasites. It turns out a vicious circle in which in any of the options your pet runs the risk of losing beneficial substances.

Many owners try to diversify the menu of their four-legged friend as much as possible and include various soups, porridges, stews and other dishes, which also, unfortunately, cannot be a serious source of vitamins and nutrients for the dog. They allow you to maintain the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, but not more. Plus, as a result of modern food processing technology, the content of vitamins is minimized.

Ready-made industrial dog food contains multivitamin complexes, which in many ways make it possible to solve the problem of a lack of substances that are indispensable for normal life activity. But even with their regular use, it is impossible to guarantee 100% success - this can be hampered by incomplete assimilation of individual components of the feed or by their ineffective interaction in specific areas of the animal's gastrointestinal tract.

The owners have quite logical questions: "How to act in this situation? How can you provide your pet with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for life?" It is for this purpose that scientists have developed special feed additives for dogs, which have a common and narrowly targeted action and allow you to cope with both a specific problem and act as an effective prophylactic agent.

Trade brand "Kanina"

Kanin's vitamins for dogs are among the most popular vitamin complexes intended for canine representatives of different ages and body states. Owners of animals from all over the world appreciated them, in particular, Kanina found her buyers in the CIS countries.

Kanin's vitamin supplements are made in Germany, taking into account all the physiological needs of dogs that arise at various stages of their life. Vitamins are made by special formulas and sold in the form of tablets or capsules. To use them is also quite simple - you just need to add one pill to your pet's feed and you can provide it with all the necessary biologically useful substances.

All Kanin vitamin supplements for dogs are divided into sub-species depending on their main action. Next, we will learn more about the entire range of products and talk about their therapeutic effects.

Variety Supplements

The Kanin trademark produces the following categories of vitamin complexes for dogs:

  • Flower therapy;
  • For teeth, skeleton, joints and bones;
  • For wool and leather;
  • Vitamins;
  • To normalize digestion and activity of the immune system;
  • For weight loss;
  • For puppies;
  • For pest control;
  • For hygiene and care.
  1. Flower therapy - all mixtures from this series were developed to solve behavioral problems in dogs, in particular, they help to combat increased fearfulness and aggression of the animal, are effective in accidents, severe pain, shock, surgical interventions, and emotional traumas resulting from cruel behavior and change of ownership, loss of the owner or a partner animal.
  2. For teeth, skeleton, joints and bones, the preparations in this series contain calcium hydroxyapatite, which is the main mineral for the hard tissues of teeth and bones. It is recommended to prescribe supplements for rickets, calcium deficiency in the animal, as well as for increased fatigue, weakness, nervousness. But be sure to first consult with a veterinarian, it is he who will help you find the most effective drug and the required dose.
  3. For wool and skin, preparations from this series are prescribed to long-haired breeds of dogs with a strong shedding. Means differ and tonic effect - help improve the immune system of the animal, support the pigmentation of the nose, paws, hair and gums, are enriched with various beneficial substances (biotin, iodine, selenium and others, depending on the specific supplement).
  4. To normalize the digestion and activity of the immune system - this series is represented by drugs that regulate and stabilize the intestinal microflora, which successfully prevent the development of gastrointestinal disorders after the use of antibiotics, regulate and maintain the physiological balance of the intestinal microflora. In addition, supplements help strengthen the immune system of the animal, accelerate its activity and viability.
  5. For weight loss - this is a dietary supplement that allows you to reduce the body weight of a dog from 1 kilogram in 2 weeks. The process of losing weight is due to the stimulation of satiety, reduction of hunger, as well as flatulence and irritability of the digestive tract. By increasing muscle mass increases the activity of the animal, regulates fat intake.
  6. For puppies - in this series, owners of four-legged pets will be able to pick up supplements that strengthen the body's defenses, milk substitutes, puppy porridge and mineral food supplement for puppies. Thanks to these drugs, you can provide your pet with an adequate intake of all necessary substances from the first months of its life.
  7. For disinsection of Kanin for dogs - here biological spot-on is offered to buyers from various parasites (fleas, lice, ticks and others) for small dogs (see breeds of small dogs); the same remedy for larger breeds and a drop “Optimum protection of wool against all varieties of parasites”.
  8. For hygiene and care. This series is represented by six products: hydroactive emulsion with antibacterial and sedative effects; refreshing liquid for the oral cavity of the animal; spray to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the dog during estrus; disinfectant detergent; wet wipes to clean the ears; wet wipes for cleansing the eyes.

Kanin's vitamins for dogs

A series of vitamins from "Kanina" is represented by 3 types of drugs:

  1. "Petvital Energy Gel" - is a high-energy agent, which contains evening primrose oil, digestible fats, vitamins (E, B2, B1, B12, B6) and trace elements (sa-patenttota and nicotinic acid). Veterinarians recommend using this Kanin complex for dogs in the event of a nutritional deficiency after an illness, in the presence of internal and external parasites, after surgery, with a critically low body weight, long journeys. In addition, "Petvital Energy Gel" is appointed exhibition animals in the preparatory period in order to give relief to the muscles. The drug stimulates the appetite, acts as a source of energy.
  2. "Vitamintabletten" - this vitamin complex is used in case of shortage of healthy substances, which is caused by improper diet. The drug improves blood formation, the metabolism of proteins and lipids in the body, normalizes the nervous system of the animal. It is important to use "Vitamintabletten" for pregnant women, as well as for lactating dogs, in the phase of active growth and in stressful situations. The complex contains: vitamins (D, A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, K), biotin.
  3. "Canivita" - is an emulsified vitamin tonic, which consists of 12 vitamins and trace elements that are vital for the dog's body: vitamins (A, B2, B1, C, B6, E, D, K), microelements (pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid , folic acid).

It is noteworthy that the therapeutic effect is observed already after 10-30 minutes after the internal use of the agent.

Vitamins in the drug "Canivita" absorbed almost without loss and immediately fall into the bloodstream. They have a beneficial effect in infectious pathologies, after suffering diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, help the animal to get better soon. This happens due to absorption directly through the lymphatic system and mucous membranes, while the liver is not affected. This is the main reason for the rapid effectiveness of the complex.

"Canivita" is shown to be used by animals in a state of top condition, the product has an immediate supply of vitamins in all stressful and problem situations. Of course, the drug will benefit during pregnancy, in the process of lactation, active growth and development, and will also be useful for animals that regularly experience significant physical exertion and frequent changes of place of residence.

Reviews of Kanin vitamins for dogs

Vitamins Kanina for dogs reviews will help you to better understand the effectiveness of the complexes and will familiarize with the possible "pitfalls", which also can not be forgotten.

Recall 1

Before I talk about the effect, I want to immediately remind you that vitamins are not drugs, they do not cure, but can only improve certain indicators. I had to give my dog ​​"Biotin Forte" when we faced a strong shedding, which was impossible to get rid of by any other means. Plus was observed fading wool. After the course of application, the problem went away, but I am sure to spend a preventive course every six months. About vitamins, I can say that they are of high quality, easily painted (this is for those cases when the dog refuses to use the pill), and also dissolve in water. I am confident in the quality of Kanin's company, therefore for my favorite I choose only these vitamins!

Recall 2

Absolutely all pet owners sometimes face such an unpleasant problem as shedding. Usually it depends on the change of the season, although other factors may also affect: improper food, the presence of air conditioning in the room and others. When my dog ​​began to lose his fur badly, I immediately got worried and turned to a veterinarian for help. The specialist examined the animal and without identifying any serious pathologies, prescribed a course of treatment with the drug "Derm Caps". This supplement helped us a lot to cope with the problem - the molting had stopped and now the animal feels great. Therefore, I can with full confidence advise Canin supplements for dogs to all owners of these beautiful animals.

Recall 3

My husband and I purchased a giant Leonberger puppy, a giant dog, at the exhibition we were warned that it is necessary for dogs of this breed to take vitamins to strengthen the joints (due to their genetic weakness). We tried many options, but by the age of 6 months the dog began to limp heavily. The specialist to whom we turned recommended us to buy vitamins from the brand "Canina". We were amazed, but on the 3rd day of use the lameness disappeared. After the course of treatment, the results completely exceeded all expectations - the animal became more active and also less aggressive. A significant disadvantage of this tool is quite high cost. We ordered via the Internet, so it was much cheaper.

Cost of vitamins

Canine for dogs the price of vitamin complexes starts from 900 Russian rubles and varies up to 3000 rubles or more. Of course, not every owner can afford such expenses, but if you have a serious problem, it is better to undergo a course of full-fledged treatment with a high-quality drug once than it is useless to treat with cheaper analogues 10 times. You can buy multivitamin preparations either in a regular pharmacy, or you can order them from the official website of the manufacturer.

Canina for dogs reviews confirm the effectiveness of this brand and you have a great opportunity to see this for yourself.



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