The annual scientific exhibition Geekcon Pets 2016 presented a number of useful gadgets for pets

Date: 02/21/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

Innovative pet gadgets: collars, robots, apps and more

Fans of four-legged friends are constantly striving to make the life of pets more comfortable. In the era of advanced technology, the main way to implement the goal are a variety of gadgets. On this occasion, the annual exhibition Geekcon Pets 2016 was held in Israel from February 19 to February 20., on which leading designers and developers presented a number of useful creations.

One of the most significant innovations was a smart collar that will protect your furniture and other important things at home from pet encroachment. In the collar system, you can set a number of prohibited places for the dog. If the pet is close to the "zone X", then he will hear the command "fu" or "scat", recorded by the voice of the host.

The recorded command will scare away the animal, making it clear that it is impossible to touch the object. The Israeli public found the collar a very useful invention that could preserve valuable furniture intact.

Interesting to the public of Israel seemed to be the new application "Dog Detective". With it, you can find relevant ads about the disappearance and subsequent finding of pets. To ensure hygiene in the house will help the robot, cleaning the "consequences" of going to the toilet by a dog.

This invention will be useful to those owners whose homes are naughty animals who do not always visit the tray. The robot detects the crime scene and clears it. An automatic assistant is still an unfinished innovation that has claims for global success.

For owners of private houses are Israeli. The built-in chip will allow the dog to voluntarily leave his native land and return without the help of the owners. These and other innovations were presented at Geekcon Pets 2016. Be sure to review the entire list of useful gadgets that will help make it easier to care for your pet.



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