Dog caricature - pets were dressed in the most "successful" outfits of stars from the Red Carpet

Date: 3/5/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

The dogs took part in a new project of caricatures of images from the red carpet

Every time after the next appearance of celebrity on the Red Carpet in the world, there is one occasion to play a trick on the stars, making fun of their outfits. Stylish experts tirelessly express their criticism, smashing world actors to pieces according to all the canons of fashion. One of the classic ways of caricatures of unsuccessful outfits are photo projects, where children dressed in exact copies of dresses from the Red carpet are presented as models.

This year, instead of small models, our smaller friends — dogs — appeared before the photographers. The creator of the photo shoot was the famous site in the USA, which is engaged in the search for hotels and pet nannies. The site presented a series of shots with a great name. "Disaster on the Red Carpet".

The caricature is that the pets were dressed in the most unfortunate, in the opinion of the creators of the project, the movie dresses divas. A series of pictures came out very lively and fun. The authors of the photo shoot approached work with all seriousness, as if recreating the images of actresses. Now we know exactly what the stars of world magnitude would look like if they were animals.




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