Wedding fashion for dogs - a new collection of the Kirov designer

Date: 03/15/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

Clothing for pets is gaining enviable popularity, in connection with which designers tirelessly develop more and more new collections. In the beginning of March Kirov designer Dinara Overchenko presented to the public festive clothes for pocket dogs.

It differs from other collections in a similar style with its narrow focus - the dresses are made in a wedding style. Owners of pets were going to tie the knot, deciding to clothe their four-legged friends in appropriate clothes, which became the idea for the whole collection.

Dinara is a well-known designer in dog circles. She decided on her vocation when she was 5 years old, and she created the first thing in 6th grade. In addition to classic materials, the designer often uses plastic sheeting and other avant-garde innovations. Overchenko admits that he receives many outlandish orders from customers, but a dress with a veil and dress coat for dogs is the most original order.

Source: progorod43



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