The dog at the controls of the aircraft - a new project on Sky1

Date: 03/18/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

Dogs conquer the sky - training pet control aircraft

Dogs designed to help people, more and more often master the human profession. Aviation activity was no exception. on Sky1 at the beginning of 2016 a new show startedwhose goal is to seat the pet at the helm of a real aircraft.

The creators of the show, headed by Carolina Hawkins, took the goal very seriously - a group of scientists conducted a series of studies on the communication skills of pets, their mental development and skills to conscious thinking.

The first "volunteers" were 12 stray animals that are now taking part in the qualifying round. Three of them will be sent to flight school. During the tests, the dogs were created the most comfortable conditions. The project developers were constantly in touch with veterinarians, gradually adapting animals to the conditions of aviation space.

The goal of the new show, according to Karolina herself, is to demonstrate the potential of dogs, it’s not for nothing that these animals first conquered space. The last series of the program will become a real apogee of the whole experiment - will the pet be able to “master” the steering wheel? The answer to this question does not even know the project developers.

However, the developed intelligence and fast learner of pets allows you to make the most courageous assumptions. Perhaps, you and I will not see the dog as a pilot of an airplane tomorrow, however, it is possible that in the near future our pets will really be able to fully or partially help us manage the liner. Photo source: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd

See also how the Society for the Prevention of Animal Abuse in Auckland taught homeless dogs how to drive a car (video).



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