BTA Innovation - Pet Insurance

Date: 03/30/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

The insurance company BTA revealed an interesting fact: more than 1.3 million dogs and cats are the pets of Lithuanian citizens, who value four-legged friends as the most expensive property. In this regard, the idea of ​​pet insurance emerged, which is an additional option when concluding a standard contract.

BTA employees analyzed the needs of their customers and concluded that most of them needs new kind of insurance. Innovation in the first place will be offered to Lithuanian citizens who are almost champions in keeping pets. Lithuanians are very attached to four-legged friends, elevating them to the rank of family members, so it is not surprising that the new option is already in demand at the initial stage of its implementation.

Representatives of the company announced approximate amounts of payments upon the occurrence of an insured event: the amount for a purebred pet will vary within 300 euros, while the “compensation” for a purebred animal will not exceed 30 euros.

The service is new and is still under development, so the company's customers can choose a limited time insurance period - until mid-May of the current year.



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