Caesar Millan trying to justify himself in the case of animal abuse

Date: 03/24/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Popular presenter Caesar Millan, who is the host of a show for dog lovers, is paying a heavy price for a program where he turns the French bulldog on a piglet

In Los Angeles, an animal cruelty case is being investigated in which popular lead Cesar Millan became a participant. In one of the episodes of the show you can see how a man trains a French bulldog, setting him on a pig. Caesar himself denies his guilt and states that everything happened by chance.

Representatives of the authorities emphasize that the man specifically sought such a reaction of the dog and asked to show the affected pig if the animal, as Millan claims, is alive. The episode was aired because it was broadcast online, with the moderator arguing that the bulldog behaved naturally and often reacted in a similar way to other animals.



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