Dog Show in Minsk is a colorful and memorable program

Date: 03/28/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

On March 26-27, a thoroughbred dog show was held in Minsk, which invited visitors to get acquainted with various pet breeds, take part in interesting contests, see the rarest and most exotic dogs (Tibetan mastiffs and Peruvian naked).

The dog show offered a diverse show program - visitors could live to see how the working dogs worked, watch how they would find the criminal and find the explosive. Aesthetic pleasure could be obtained from the presentation of Belarusian breeders, in which the most popular breeds will participate.

It was not boring for the show and fashion lovers, because the event will host an exhibition of a collection of dresses for pets. Visitors to the show were waiting for vivid performances and memorable stunts.

Determine the winner of the show will be the direct audience by voting. Visitors to this event undoubtedly charged with positive emotions, and learned a lot about the animal world.



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