Labrador Retriever breed description, character, temperament

Labrador. His full name is Labrador Retriever, which means dog feeding game. Do not forget about this his quality, because it is in his blood.

Bringing game is his life, his passion. Labrador Retriever is proud of it. But do not think that this breed is intended only for hunters. Not a shotgun makes a Labrador happy, what is really important to him is bringing items. Even if it comes to the stick. But more important for him is water.

Labrador Retriever likes swimming at any time of the year and at any time. He also loves the owner very much, so he is ready to share with him the greatest joys in his life. You should immediately say, if you want to see your dog satisfied, you cannot remain dry all the time, and not only outside.

For a Labrador, water is always associated with fun, at least being a puppy, before he realizes that water games are forbidden in the house, he will definitely arrange several small floods. Immediately, we will talk about another problem that the Labrador Retriever owner will have to face - this is his moving tail.

A Labrador retriever wags them so joyfully and with such enthusiasm, as if he lives his own life. This is one of the characteristic features of Labrador and very pleasant, but not in the house. In the house it can cause a number of incidents, especially if the dog is still young. We will continue to talk about the problems? To tell the truth, we have already finished, because that's where all the problems end. Labrador Retriever is so kind and affectionate and reliable dog that it is impossible to speak badly about him.

However minor flaws can be identified, because this dog is becoming incredibly common and this should be expected. Such a beautiful, kind and useful dog could not long remain in oblivion. Unfortunately, this medal has a downside, because sudden success is always dangerous for the breed, which has to face two dangers: first, a decline in the quality of puppies.

When the demand for some breed grows, homegrown breeders grow like mushrooms after rain. They themselves do not know what they are doing, because a real dog breeder has years of study, work, experience, good or bad. But hacks produce as many puppies as the market requires. And by the time the general public can appreciate the quality of the breed, it begins to deteriorate.

From the point of view of cynology, the quantity and quality of things are not compatible. The second danger that fashionable breed dogs face is that people are attracted to their appearance. They want the same dog as their neighbor, or they follow a fashion and acquire a dog that knows nothing about and does not know about its merits or problems that may arise.

It is for this reason that we first started talking about the shortcomings of a Labrador Retriever. Those who really like this breed are not afraid of these problems. But it is better to have an idea about them from the very beginning. Despite all the problems listed above, Labrador is a wonderful dog, affectionate, kind to children, friendly to other animals.

He personifies all the qualities of a dog, often embellished, but quite suitable for a Labrador. Labrador Retriever is a loyal, dedicated, intelligent, affectionate and multi-purpose dog.. He loves people very much and his last disadvantage is the complete unsuitability for the role of a guard dog, because he also expresses his joy by barking.

Labrador is truly a dog for everyone: he adores children, is affectionate and calm with old people. Labrador Retriever is a strong and enduring companion for young and active people. In general, this dog has no contraindications or side effects. This dog is for everyone, although not everyone can be a good host for him.

The ideal host for a Labrador Retriever is first and foremost a person who can give him a lot of attention. This dog is vital communication with a person. The ideal owner should know that the tail of a Labrador should have at its disposal a large space. The rest of the dog does not need such a large space, but unfortunately they always walk together.

It is good if there is a garden at the house where the laborer retriever can give free rein to her cheerfulness. Well, if there is not a large number of steps, because the puppy should not go down and climb on them at least until 4, 5 months. Up to this point, a Labrador Retriever puppy needs to be carried on his hands. But the Labrador puppy is very heavy. The ideal owner loves to work with his dog.

He does not have to be a master, but he should experience the same pleasure of learning as a Labrador from studying. If there is such a feeling of closeness between them, the Labrador will be able to learn how to do any work. Hunting and hunting for game remain his favorite activities, but if carried away by picking mushrooms, he will do it quite successfully, thanks to a well-developed nose. If you are not too fond of the forest, then you can use the Labrador instinct to find more domestic, but no less useful items.

We said that the Labrador retriever is now a fashionable dog, so the risk of acquiring second-class puppies, produced only to meet the needs of the market is very great. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to contact a dog breeding club specializing in this breed and recognized as a canine association.

There you will certainly be able to purchase purebred, healthy puppies, properly selected and fed. You must tell the dog owner what the composition of your family, especially indicating the presence of old people and children, and explain what kind of dog you want to get. There is a difference between working, indoor and exhibition dogs, and you must clearly explain what you need, if you want the dog breeder to pick the right dog for you.

Labrador retrievers are often a glutton from a very early age. It is necessary to satisfy his desires, because it is very important for him to increase the layer of subcutaneous fat, which allows him to work for a long time in water without feeling cold. High-quality, well-balanced dry dog ​​food is excellent for this breed.

In addition, it should be added to the food fats, because the best dog food contains little fat, while the Labrador Retriever requires a large number of them. If he prefers homemade food, one can alternate between red meat and poultry: chicken, goose and cheese, eggs, fish, mixing them with porridge or steamed rice mixed with olive oil.

In addition to hunting, as we have said, Labrador can be used in other areas. In recent years, dogs of this breed have been successfully used to search for truffles, especially in Italy and in France. Labrador is searching more slowly, more deliberately, but the result is excellent. He very thoroughly combing the area, even making samples until he is sure that he has hit the mark.

But you can be sure that the rare mushroom will slip away from this meticulous dog. Recently, Labrador began to take part in agility competitions. Despite its size, this dog exhibits amazing dexterity, easily overcoming obstacles. But we should not delude ourselves with its success. For the Labrador Agility is a game. But in their physical qualities, these dogs are not born sportsmen. Recall that you should not attach the puppy to this sport until its physical development is completed.

Labrador Retriever is a beautiful, intelligent, useful, multi-purpose dog. But besides this, Labrador is still a wonderful friend who teaches us that you can feel happy even in a puddle of water, that life should be happy every minute, that feeling part of nature and loving everything alive is the most natural thing in the world. Labrador is a capable and diligent student. But he is also a great teacher. And his valuable lessons should not be forgotten.



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