With a dog even to work - specialized offices for animals in Russia

Date: 07/11/2016 Posted by Alexey Velikov

The positive impact of pets on a person can no longer be doubted. In addition to a cheerful mood, contact with dogs increases the efficiency, not only the owners of animals, but also the surrounding employees. The presence of four-legged pets in the working atmosphere relieves stress and improves blood pressure, which accordingly affects the productivity of labor.

This technique is popular among developed western countries. For example, in Switzerland, every second company is tolerant of visiting the office of its employees in the company of pets. Perhaps it was this approach to the labor process that allowed Switzerland to enter the first 10 European countries.

In addition to small enterprises, offices with animals began to be used by large enterprises. Not so long ago, Nestle also introduced a similar corporate style. This method is becoming increasingly common in the cities of Russia. For example, Mars, Food, Royal Canin brand offices offer employees to use a flag system to indicate the presence of pets in the workplace. According to Mars, pets make pets a better life in every sense.

The pioneers of the new corporate style are large Moscow firms. However, soon it will be possible to come to work with animals in Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk and other cities.

This innovation has already proven its effectiveness. Contact with pets helps to increase productivity. Also, employees have a more loyal attitude towards the employer. A contact of dogs not only with their owners, but also with other office staff allows you to rally the team.

Of course, the owners must be responsible for their wards, so a number of serious requirements are put forward for the behavior of animals. If the pet shows signs of aggression and is not friendly, then it is better to wait for the owner to work from home. As practice shows, the requirements are very relevant, and in the offices of Mars is always full of four-legged friends.



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