Removal of dogs abroad

Paperwork for exporting a dog abroad takes a lot of time.

Moreover, the conditions for the export of a pet can vary greatly depending on the country of the world that you intend to visit.

Before making a mandatory vaccination of the animal. The vaccine should be polyvalent. She will protect the pet from most infections. This number also includes rabies. The best option when vaccination is carried out by polyvalent vaccines. In addition, vaccines must comply with international standards. Rabies vaccination is required for all countries. There are no exceptions.

Requirements of countries to vaccinate dogs should be known in advance at the embassy of those countries where you intend to travel with your pet. Information can also be obtained when visiting a veterinarian.

To vaccinate the dog need to travel for 30 days. It begins to act on the 10th day after the introduction, but not longer than 9 months. When going abroad, if the animal has to be transported by train or plane, veterinary control may require a mark for other vaccinations.

After vaccination, the dog must be under the constant attention of the owner. It is necessary to eliminate or reduce communication with other animals. The animal does not need to be taken out of town to nature, the temperature should be measured every three days. Most countries set their own unique quarantine period. During this period, the animal must be in specialized institutions.

Before going on a long journey it is best to clarify the epidemiological situation in the country you are going to visit. If outbreaks have occurred in the country, ask if there are restrictions or restrictions on the movement of animals.

Immediately before going abroad, you need to undergo another procedure. 3 days before departure, it is necessary with the animal and with all the prepared documents to come to the state vetstantion, where the animal will be given a veterinary certificate. Here the animal is inspected once again. Usually, a pet's inspection is sufficient if there is veterinary evidence and rabies vaccination, for everyone except dogs and rare animals. At the border, this certificate is exchanged for an international veterinary certificate.

In your home country you need to get a certificate that a dog that is taken abroad does not cause damage to Russian dog breeding, that is, that your pet is not the only instance of beauty, breed and charm, and that his departure from the country will not cause the extinction of his breed.

It is necessary to take with you when exporting a purebred animal pedigree in the original and its export version. Just in case, it is worth taking a few copies of these documents.

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