In London, opened an art gallery, focused on dogs

Date: 08/23/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Art for Dogs - London Gallery invites pets to the show. Here are installations that imitate favorite actions of pets, and canvases painted with special paints.

Contemporary art should be accessible to all, including our smaller brothers.

Under such a slogan was the opening of an art gallery in London, where dogs are acting as guest connoisseurs of the beautiful. The author is Dominic Wilcoxwho presented a series of paintings for the entertainment of pets.

Dominic's works are interactive installations focused on "tastes"dogs. Visiting the gallery, the dog can have fun by sticking his head out the window of a riding car. Effect movements provided by a powerful fan. Another favorite entertainment is fountain with balls.

Installations completely repeat the favorite actions of four-legged friends, providing a truly fascinating leisure. In the arsenal of the gallery also presents pictures created on the basis of those colors that are able to recognize pets.

Preparations for the opening of the London exhibition was quite long. Before creating his works, Dominic consulted with leading dog handlers so that every visitor was completely satisfied with the introduction to modern art.



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