TV for dogs - the interactive leisure of the future

British scientists have figured out how to make watching TV interesting for pets. Development of special channels for pets

It has long been known that dogs willingly watch TV turned on. They like dynamic actions on the screen, and sound effects make viewing even more fun.

Studies by British experts have revealed that animals perceive pictures better, where the dominant colors are blue and yellow. In other cases, the retina poorly captures the image, not being able to correctly process the information received.

This information served as the idea of ​​developing special channels for four-legged friends, on which interesting stories will be presented to pets, and color palettes will be selected in accordance with the requirements.

Complement the videos will be the sound effects of barking and other sounds that make dogs. This TV promises to have success with pets, and talk about creating channels is already underway. Perhaps, very soon you will be able to provide a truly exciting leisure to your favorites.



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