How to rid the dog of fleas?

Dangerous jumpers. Because of the fleas, the pet becomes restless, his sleep pattern is disturbed. Ulcers and inflammation can appear on the skin of an animal due to scratching. In addition, jumping parasites - carriers of helminths and infectious diseases.

We recently moved the whole family to the suburbs and, of course, took our beloved dog with us. He lives with us in a cottage, but often happens on the street. It will get warmer soon. What is the best way to protect it from fleas?

Igor, Moscow

Regular inspections

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate pet contact with parasites, because the dog needs to be walked daily. But cats are not insured against fleas. Insect can jump into the apartment from the staircase or wait on the balcony. Even if you use anti-parasite products, periodically inspect your pet. Best of all - behind the ears and abdomen, where the wool is more sparse.

Thorough cleaning

Pet beds should be vacuumed as often as the carpets in the apartment. You can even put in the dust collector flea powder. If parasites get there, they will not be able to jump back. After cleaning once a month, you need to handle interior items with special sprays.

Wool processing

And, of course, it is necessary to periodically treat the pet's skin and skin with protective agents. These can be shampoos, flea collars, sprays, powders and drops on withers. The longest effect is on the collar and drops. They are effective for several weeks and even months, depending on the manufacturer.


Before you buy, make sure that the drug is suitable for your pet and will not cause allergies! It is better to consult a doctor. And when a rash appears, it will immediately stop using



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