The history of the origin of the Fox Terrier

The British love to argue and “beat on the mortgage” and dogs, willy-nilly, became protagonists of more and less dubious shows.

So the birth of the Bull type terrier is associated with traditional fighting between animals. First dogs against bears and bulls, then dogs against dogs.

More stunted terriers were used in more humane competitions, because the victims were harmful animals. We are talking about rat hunting, when the dog had to kill as many mice as possible in the least possible time. For this, small dogs were raised, aggressive and bold, with a strong predatory instinct and a passion for hunting.

Their use during fox hunting was the natural outcome of this work. We do not know when our Fox Terrier was born. The definition “dog for foxes” is very vague and could fit many breeds and ancestors of these breeds. However, we know that the first breeder of the “Fox dogs” was Rev. Jack Russell - this name is today associated with two other dog breeds.

One of them is called “Jack Russell,” but it is not recognized by the International Federation of Dog Handlers (FCI). Despite this, she is very popular in the UK, where even the cult of this little dog exists. The second breed is recognized and called - Parson Jack Russell Terrier (parson russell terrier) and exists in two varieties: with smooth and coarse wool.

It is considered a modern variety of the first dogs raised by Rev. Russell, and in practice it is the ancestor of the fox terriers of our day. On the hard-haired copies of Parsen you can imagine what kind of wool was in the very first wire-haired Fox Terriers. Thick hair is much shorter than the current representatives of this breed.

The history of the terrier is too long and complicated to retell it all here. We only recall that the glory of the smooth-haired Fox Terrier reached its peak in the first half of the nineteenth century, when fox hunting became an elite sport. By wire-haired Fox Terrier recognition came in the early twentieth century, when a dog named Caesar lived in Windsor Castle. In 1873, Fox with coarse hair was already recognized as an independent breed.



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