Raising a puppy pointer

Education puppy should begin in the first months of his life.

It is necessary to help the puppy of the Pointer to get used to the world around him, to accustom him to the noise of cars, strangers and in general to everything he may encounter in life. At this age, it is useful to teach a puppy to walk on a leash.

And if you show enough patience - the results will not be slow to follow. Only walks need to take place in a quiet, peaceful place where nothing can distract your pet. It is important not to require the puppy to do the stand and take the trail, as well as not to force him to perform overly complex exercises.

A puppy of a pointer, like our beloved child, needs to play, have fun, show curiosity. ... Serious training should be started at a more mature age. If you want to teach a puppy to fit it, it is enough to take a rag or rubber ball and throw it in front of you - without any command, the puppy will catch up and take it into the mouth.

At this point, it is advisable to bring the puppy to him, showing him some delicacy, reward him. Then throw the ball again. Just do not bother your baby too much with these exercises. When the puppy is still a little older, you need to teach him to walk next to him without pulling the leash.

Exercise will require from you a certain patience and - most importantly (!) - refraining from the use of force. So in the most general terms should look early period of education of the dog. For real training - you need to contact a professional in this field.



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