Film Private Pioneer

  • Released on the screens: 2013
  • Original name: Private Pioneer
  • Genre: children, adventure, family
  • Producer: Alexander Karpilovsky
  • Actors: Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen and others
  • Movie duration: 80 min

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KinoPoisk.Ru: 7.2

Review of the film Private Pioneer

“Private Pioneer” - a film about ordinary Soviet teenagers. Despite the fact that in style it resembles children's films of Soviet times, it is quite a modern film. Everything is here: the first love, friendship, and a sense of duty and an extremely difficult choice between these three feelings.

The action takes place in the 70-80s, even the Soviet years of the last century. Despite the fact that the picture was released in rent in 2013, the director managed so dexterously to convey the atmosphere of the times of the USSR that it seems that there is that good old Soviet movie on the screen.

So, if you think that now they have forgotten how to make good films - just look at “Honest Pioneer”. And be sure to show your children, because through such a simple and uncomplicated plot, he recalls what is truly valuable. Suppose a modern child does not wear a pioneer tie, does not discuss class problems at meetings, and maybe does not even know what communism is. But, like the children of that time, he loves honesty, does not tolerate lies and injustice. Times are changing, but people and values ​​are not.

The story tells about two friends who are faced with not at all childish problems. The life of one and them is saved by a dog, who happened to be near when a guy falls into the river. But she herself gets to the furrier, who rips off the skins from the dogs. Friends must have time to save her, otherwise it will be too late. But at the same time two friends must play the main roles in the play. So what will win - the fear of the team or a duty to a friend?

From the first minutes it seems as if this is nostalgia for those wonderful pioneering years, when everyone went to tie, sang patriotic songs at school, sowed sensible, kind, eternal. But then it becomes clear that the film was created not for the sake of warm memories. The plot captures from the first minute and holds up to the very end of the film.

The main characters are the children and the dog, and the adults are only minor characters. But it was not thought up so that the viewer was moved by the children's talent. It’s just that no one better than children can show these sincere feelings and experiences, which over the years feel less and less. It is also a reminder that sometimes even the impossible is possible, you just need to really want to achieve your goals and go to it, overcoming all obstacles.

You will have to overcome yourself even by stepping over your own fears. A teddy bear, a timid and indecisive guy, constantly afraid that he is being violated, is learning to defend his opinion and to go against the orders of adults. And Dimka, from childhood a fighting and brave boy, must find the strength in himself and be able to admit his own mistake, which is why he had to rescue a dog from a beater.

There are a lot of “archetypical” characters in the film. This is the headmistress - a bureaucrat to the bone marrow, and a class elder who is eager for eternal praise, a timid young teacher, and flimsy neighbor women from a stairwell, and a corrupt, loathsome drunkard, and the head of a large organization who does not notice the most important things . The purity and sincerity of the main characters can be seen even more clearly against the background of blinded, busy adults.

There was a place for the first love - one of the most important feelings in the life of a teenager. It is she who pushes a person to feats or, on the contrary, keeps him from doing so. Although the line of love occurs in the background, it plays an important role in the picture. She pushes friends to act rashly, makes them choose between friendship and romantic feelings. And if you set the priorities correctly, you don’t have to choose.

The film was very kind, but at the same time piercing, reaching to the heart. Cinema reminds us of true values ​​and that they sometimes go against the opinions and desires of the majority. Can I put my personal interests above the public? For the sake of one dog you can go against all: adults, classmates and the rest of the world. But so do the real pioneers. Otherwise it is impossible.



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