Standard and characteristics of dogs of a breed of a pointer

By standard is meant an exact description of the ethnic characteristics of a particular breed, that is, an exact portrait of its typical representative.

The height at the withers of the male pointers is 55-62 centimeters, at the females 54-60 in females

Weight ranges from 20 to 30 kg.

Pointer's head as if carved out of marble. The muzzle expresses glibness, intelligence and vivid temperament.

The nose should be wide, wet and cool, the same color with dark spots on the skin. The nasal trunk should be straight. Hunchback - a disadvantage.

The length of the skull is equal to the length of the muzzle.

Ears should be drooping soft and flexible. When the dog is standing or turned on, the bases of the ears are raised.

Pointer's eyes have a lively and cheerful look. The iris has a dark ocher color.

At rest, the neck is straight, and while running, it stretches in a horizontal direction. Fench is completely absent.

The length of the body is equal to the height at the withers.

The chest is wide, open, with well developed pectoral muscles.

Upper back profile - straight.

The sacrum is wide, powerful and muscular.

The tail is located at the level of the sacrum. Large and powerful at the base, but gradually narrowed towards the end.

Front limbs. Seen from the front, straight and parallel. The shoulders are muscular, moderately oblique (angle of the humerocodular articulation about 100 °). The elbow processes are strongly developed and directed strictly backwards. Forearm long, oval in section. The length of the legs to the elbow is: in males - about 55-56%, in females - 52-54% to the height at the withers. Wrists do not form a visible thickening. Pasterns long, slightly sloping.

For the back - characterized by long, wide hips and well-defined muscles.

Paws Pointer have an oval shape. Fingers tightly pressed to each other and have an arched shape. The soles are dry, hard, strong.

Wool should be thick and uniform in length. Smooth, thin, smooth and shiny. The color of wool can be very different: white, black, fiery black, orange, red, red, chestnut, dark chestnut with all its shades.



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