The history of the origin of the breed Pointer

Pointer’s origin, however, like many other dog breeds is shrouded in a veil of secrecy and conflicting judgments.

Traditionally, this breed is considered English.

However, the British themselves are confident in its Spanish origin. Our goal is not to discover its true origin, we will limit ourselves to tracing this breed through images representing the ancestors of the modern Pointer.

According to the authoritative opinion of V. Arkrayt, the great canine and dog breeder, the ancestors of Pointer were imported into England at the beginning of the VIII century. The British chose the name for this breed as “doing the rack” (English pointer, from point - to do the rack). In the same years, the English breeders, taking up the selection, bred a number of remarkable individuals, both in morphological and in performance.

Unfortunately, no matter how reliable the documents about the results of their work, which, however, does not prevent us from recognizing the tremendous skill of English dog breeders who created a genuine work of art.

In Italy, the first copies of Pointers appeared by the end of the 9th century and were due to such passionate hunters as dog breeders like Marazetti, Meine and Martel. The impression that this new breed has made on most of the hunters cannot be called favorable because they are accustomed to the slow Italian cop and have not been able to adapt to the crazy canter’s canter for a long time.

On the pages of the newspapers of that time, there was a whole controversy between supporters of the Italian and English breeds. And feathered game hunters were quicker to appreciate the quality of the pointer. Subsequently, many new individuals were brought into the country and, several years later, this breed, which caused so many disputes, reached the top not only in work, but also in the elegance of its appearance.

Today, it can be argued that Italian Pointers are the best in Europe. And all this is due to the serious attitude and high professionalism of dog breeders and fans of this amazing breed.

In 1904, Joseph Gramm addressed dog breeders with the following words: “We work according to the golden mean rule and defend the standard. A more practical technique is to work with healthy and most intelligent individuals, devoid of any shortcomings. We will first of all take into account the performance, while not neglecting the typicality ”.



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