Standard and characteristics of smooth-haired and wire-haired Fox Terrier

Let's see what the standard says about the breed of smooth fox terriers. The appearance of an attentive dog who is constantly on the watchman.

The head is a flat, slightly narrowed skull.

It narrows gradually to the eyes. The transition between the nose and forehead should be noticeable. The head is rather large, in relation to size, should be elongated and strong, but not seem heavy.

The eyes are dark, small, set on deep, and as round as possible. Look lively and intelligent.

The ears are small in the shape of the letter V, falling forward next to the cheeks and never hanging on the sides of the head. The nose is black with wide open nostrils. The teeth are even, in the complete set, rather large for the size of the dog. Bite on the type of scissors.

The neck is dry and muscular, with no dewlap, gradually expanding towards the shoulders. Its length is approximately the same as the length of the head. The shoulders are long and sloping. The forearms appear vertical. Were limbs with strong bones, must be direct. When viewed from the front, there should not be the slightest angularity.

The body is deep, but not wide chest, the back is short, straight and strong. Energetic loin slightly arched.

The hind limbs are strong and muscular, with long and strong thighs, well-arched elbows and low hocking joints.

Paws are small, round and compact, with slightly arched toes and rigid and elastic pads.

The tail is usually docked. But at the same time, it is left long enough to give greater elegance to the figure of the dog. The base of the tail is high. The dog carries him raised up, not bending to the back and not rounding. The coat is straight, smooth and thick. The inside of the thighs and belly should not be bald.

The color may be completely white, white with black or red spots. But in any case, white dominates. Dimensions are expressed only through weight. Males from 7 - 8 kg. Bitches 6800 - 7700 kg. Weight corresponds to the height at the withers. For males, ideally 41 cm. For bitches 38 cm.

(Basically only the wool robs these dogs). The standard wire fox terrier speaks of a lively dog, in whose small body a large force is locked. The most important proportions are:

The length of the body from the upper point of the shoulder to the buttock is equal to the height at the withers.

The length of the skull should be approximately equal to the length of the muzzle. The upper line of the skull is almost flat, the muzzle tapers slightly from eyes to nose and softens at the junction with the skull.

The eyes are dark, moderately small. As round as possible. The ears are small in the shape of the letter V, falling forward next to the cheeks.

The back is short, straight and strong. Limbs straight with strong bones.

The tail is set high, usually docked. The dog carries him raised up.

Wool is very hard to the touch, white color dominates. But black and red spots occur.

The height at the withers - males - does not exceed 39 cm. With uki - a little lower.



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