Fox Terrier Description

Once upon a time there lived a little English doggie that no one could describe, but everyone adored him and respected his amazing character.

Extraordinary stories were told about him, turning into legends: “he killed the badger! ... he turned the German dog to flight! ...”

He was credited with an incredible, almost human mind, a subtle sense of humor and the ability to treat with a slight disregard for any experienced troubles.

Someone thought that he looked like a race horse with smooth, shiny coat, others said that his coat was hard and spiny. But everyone agreed on one thing - he was the most courageous dog in the whole world.

And his name was - FOXTERIER.

Currently, there are two fox terrier breeds that differ from each other:

  • smooth fox terrier and
  • fox terrier with coarse fur.

Each of them has its own breed standard, each has its own army of fans who are ready to bet that “... their Fox is real!”

Up until the end of the nineteenth century, there was only one breed with two varieties. Smooth-haired dog was recognized as more noble. The only true English gentleman to use for fox hunting (Fox sounds like “fox” in English) This is where the name of the breed comes from. If a smooth dog was given universal respect, then her relative with coarse fur was simply ignored.

Initially, this species was called - Brocken heirrier. What does it mean "terrier with a disheveled coat." And over time, puppies with hard hair began to be considered second-class. One description, made in the XVIII century, literally tramples them into the dirt, saying that they are good only for vagrants.

It is interesting that the author of such a pamphlet would feel if he learned that today the wire-haired Fox Terrier literally laid a smooth-haired on the shoulder blades. "Spun out of wood" dog has reached such popularity that it has become a symbol of the whole breed! After all, now, when they say "Fox Terrier" - most imagine it for her.

Almost in all countries of the world 10 times more hard-haired puppies are registered annually than “smooth” puppies. Smooth Fox Terrier holds its position only in England, where this breed is still very popular. Thus, the "poor cousin, this freak and wanderer" won the loudest victory in the history of dogs.

And, nevertheless, cousins ​​or opponents - both fox terriers are very similar to each other. Including because of their common roots. It is difficult to establish the exact date of birth of their ancestors, since small-sized dogs have always existed and participated in hunting since ancient times, chasing the beast even in burrows. It is said that in pre-Christian times, dogs were selected on the British Isles in order to raise stunted bloodhounds.

This allowed the hunters to follow the small dogs running, rather than on horseback. As a result of this, such breeds as Basset Hound and Beagle appeared. Probably, the terrier comes from the crossing of such dogs of reduced size with small different-sized dogs, which were used to catch mice in stalls, stables, taverns and village houses. The breeding of a future terrier pursued, rather, sporting goals, rather than hunting.

Where should we keep fox - in the house or in the garden? It may seem that the answer depends on what kind of wool he has. But in fact, even short-haired Fox has a considerable undercoat, which allows him to live on the street (!). As for the wire Fox Fox Terrier, they are well protected by their skin and they have no problems with temperature and adaptation.

Another thing is important - these dogs are born hunters, they love to live outdoors. But since the cheerfulness of these dogs so falls in love with the owners (and especially the hostesses), they cannot even think about leaving their pet outside the room and at home. And as a result - the dog first takes the best place on the couch and even get a little angry if the owner tries to occupy more than 1 cm of space.

And if on TV there is an interesting program, then Fox takes possession of them. A fox terrier with smooth or hard wool is so elegant and sophisticated that it is able to accompany a lady, like gentlemen have done in the past. But it is necessary to remind about two things - first, we are talking about a dog; second, we are talking about a hunting dog, a good athlete. Pillows - good, not bad even to walk on a leash, stay at the bar - drink something. But absolutely necessary, as well as wild races and, preferably, somewhere in the village. It is necessary that the dog had the opportunity to feel like a terrier, walking along the trail and putting his nose into each bush. This will help you to preserve its natural characteristics, but first of all it will help her to feel like an absolutely happy dog!

Fox terrier is always on the lookout. And its typical stand with the front paw raised - precedes lightning jumps. To give him the opportunity to frolic in the open air has a double benefit - the Fox Terrier feels completely satisfied, and at your place there will be a calm friend who does not show unlimited activity.

Show dogs should also move as much as possible. And you can not keep them under constant supervision, fearing that their wool may lose its beauty. Of course, the skin in excellent condition is an invincible weapon in the ring. But the shining, attentive and joyful look of a self-realized dog is also of great importance.

We have already said that the Fox Terrier does not get along well with other dogs. But with people he is very affectionate - the owner is his personal deity. However, he demonstrates his friendly nature to strangers. Anyone who is ready to stroke him, be it a child or an adult, will always be received with joy and with fervor.

But be careful - affectionate does not mean calm. Fox Terrier is a very active and dynamic dog. You should know if you are going to purchase it. If your ideal is a plush sofa decoration with a gentle languid look, look for it among other dog breeds. Fox Terrier can not be good for everyone. The idea to have a dog should be thoroughly thought out. But when you fall in love with the Fox Terrier, there is no other way out. This is for life

If you love naughty elves, if you like fearless hearts, you believe in fairy tales and that there are talking dogs - then a fox terrier is the right choice for you!



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