The new resident of the Elysian Palace - like a dog from a shelter hit the family of the President of France

Emmanuel Macron (President of France) and his wife Brigitte revealed a desire to have a dog and instead of a traditional kennel, they decided to go to a shelter for homeless animals. For the first time, Brigitte visited a shelter without a husband in early August, indicating her preferences regarding the selection of a pet to the head of a charitable institution.

A few weeks later, the shelter workers found an ideal candidate for a famous couple - a cheerful dog, about one and a half years old. The dog is a cross between a griffin and a Labrador. The owners threw the animal in the city of Tulle, where the pet was found and placed in a shelter.


The first meeting of the president with the dog was very successful, the royal couple, without hesitation, decided to make the dog a new resident of the Elysian Palace. However, the name of the animal was changed from Marin to Nemo. The president later explained that he simply adores the books of Jules Verne, and the favorite of them is “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

In the work, the main character is Captain Nemo, who controls the famous ship Nautilus. The second factor for changing the name of the pet was that in 2017 in France it is common to call pets names starting with “H”. Emmanuel refused to accept the pet as a gift and paid 250 euros for the dog.

Today, the staff of the orphanage has unprecedented pride in the fact that they cared for the first dog of France. Note that many presidents of the country started dogs who were lucky enough to live in the Elysee Palace and walk around the vast territory of the adjacent garden. Emmanuel and his wife followed a glorious tradition by letting Nemo into their home.



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