Rescue of two American women and their dogs drifting in the sea for half a year

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiab set sail in the spring of 2017. They sailed from the shores of Hawaii and headed for the islands of Tahiti. However, at the end of May, the yacht faced a strong storm that caused serious damage to the vessel. The Americans continued their sailing trip in the hope of soon getting to the nearest sushi.

The girls gave a daily distress call, which, unfortunately, due to a malfunction of the yacht was never transmitted. On board the ship were also two dogs, which Jennifer and Tasha took with them on a journey. The yacht of American women was discovered only on October 24 by a fishing vessel in Taiwan, which passed 900 km off the west coast of Japan.

The fishing vessel turned for help to the American rescue services, and soon after that, the girls were saved by a navy ship. The Americans managed to survive thanks to the strong spirit and ingenuity. They repaired the water treatment device, providing themselves with supplies of fresh water. Also on board the yacht were significant supplies of dry food, including oatmeal, rice and pasta.

Eyewitnesses of salvation say that Jennifer and Tasha looked good, with no signs of exhaustion and no trace of a forced long-term cruise. Their pets were also quite vigorous.



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