Why does a dog drink little water?

A dog needs to consume a certain amount of liquid daily, because water is the basis of all biological processes: digestion, blood circulation, and the removal of harmful substances.

If the dog drinks little, it becomes dehydrated, which can lead to serious health problems.

When dehydrated, the dog loses its appetite, becomes lethargic, its eyes sink. These warning signs should promptly seek the help of a veterinarian.

How much should a dog drink?

To determine whether the dog drinks enough water a day, 20 and 70 mg should be multiplied by its weight. So, a dog weighing 20 kilograms per day should drink from 400 to 1400 milliliters of liquid. This difference depends on a variety of factors:

  • air temperature and humidity
  • physical activity of the animal,
  • its individual characteristics.

For example, in the winter he can drink a little less, in the summer, especially with physical exertion - up to two liters. If the dog eats ready canned food or natural food: liquid porridge, kefir, broth, then in its pure form it will need less water. In winter, such a dog may not drink water at all and feel great. When feeding dry food, the dog should drink necessarily.

Why does a dog drink little?

The reasons for this behavior can be both psychological and physiological. Among the first - dirty water. Some dogs do not want to drink water in which leftovers swim. Also, the dog may not like the smell of water from a bowl that has been washed with a strong smelling detergent.

Among the physiological causes of the rejection of water can be:

  1. inflammation in the mouth,
  2. infectious diseases
  3. kidney disease, which are accompanied by edema,
  4. malignant tumor
  5. advanced diabetes,
  6. pregnant women can drink less as well as older dogs.

What if a dog drinks little? Important rules

  • The dog must always have access to clean water.
  • Water should be changed frequently, especially immediately after the dog drank after eating.
  • A bowl should be washed every day, but without the use of detergents.

If the dog has not changed the menu, but she suddenly began to drink less, you should first check whether there is inflammation in her mouth, no swelling on the muzzle or paws. The situation becomes especially dangerous if, against this background, the dog has vomiting or diarrhea. This means that the body is rapidly dehydrated and urgent veterinary care and the introduction of special preparations are necessary to save it.



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