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Any product, and in particular royal canine royal feed for dogs, which has managed to successfully gain a foothold in the market, over time, if I may say so, becomes overgrown with an army of its admirers, can take a long time steady demand from consumers and not receive any complaints from them.

Why, over time, many buyers begin to abandon the acquisition of the usual product, finding in it a fair amount of flaws, a significant reduction in quality and sometimes even harmful effects?

The reasons may be different. However, with all this it is difficult to believe that the manufacturer deliberately goes to the deterioration of the characteristics of products. The most obvious reason lies in the machinations of his ill-wishers. This refers to mass crafts under a popular brand, because of which buyers, first of all, suffer, and secondly it affects the manufacturer - it bears huge losses.

To the full with the similar problem the most different companies, including such well-known company as Royal Canin, face. Royal Canin dog food Royal Canin has been on the pet food market for almost 50 years. It all began with the private practice of the French veterinarian Jean Cathari in the late 60s of the last century, and continued with large industrial volumes in the early 70s. By the 90s, the products of Royal Kanin reached our borders and since then it has been in demand by domestic animals - cats and dogs.

However, over the years, the company's products began to receive complaints from pet owners. In particular, in some Internet reviews on the quality of Royal Canin products, it is said that many animals consume this food with great reluctance and only when they are very hungry. There are even very categorical ones: "Low quality dog ​​food is dry and wet, and in general from royal canin, it is better not to buy anything other than premium feed, and the rest of the food seems to be produced in underground factories in a village near Moscow - outright rubbish!"

And we will cite one quote from the dog breeding forums: I have a Yorkshire terrier breed dog and as we tried to give her a special dry food royal canin for yorkies. The result was, to put it mildly, not very. Literally after 3-4 days of use, the dog began to itch, then dandruff arose, and the wool became dry and sloppy.

I contacted the club of dog breeders and asked what was the matter. The head of the club immediately clarified what kind of food we give to the dog, but I advised me never to give the dog Royal Canin food for Yorkies again, as it is not known where it is produced and Yorkshire terriers do not suit him. "

But most users praise Royal Canin dog food (Royal Canin) and point out that, first of all, you should look at the manufacturer’s country when buying and try to avoid fakes. Then your animal will be quite, and you will do without the hassle.

For example, the meat in it is used only in its pure form without pruning, heads and other by-products. Such food is as close as possible to the natural diet of dogs. Often, products of this class do not contain grain crops at all, as well as artificial preservatives, vegetable proteins, genetically modified ingredients and, thus, are the safest.

Choosing food for your pet, you must take into account the state of health of the animal and all the nuances of its breed. It is also important to remember that dry food is not a treat, but food. Therefore, even if your pet is ready to eat it as much as you like, you cannot overfeed the dog. This can lead not only to stomach disorders, but also quite serious diseases with serious consequences.
In this case, the correct consumption rates and optimally selected food will bring the dog only benefit.

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