Schnauzer dog - which one to choose?

Pygmy schnauzer (miniature schnauzer), medium (metal schnauzer) or large (giant schnauzer)? Which schnauzer to choose?Schnauzer - the only useful dog, presented in 3 sizes for every taste (Schnauzer species). Before considering the differences, let's see what they are similar to each other. First, the same or almost the same appearance.

At one time, the miniature schnauzer had some signs of dwarfism. But now this problem has completely disappeared. Today, outwardly it is difficult to determine the size of the schnauzer, if there is nothing to compare it with. In view of the enormous similarity between all 3 types, the standard should also be one.

Photo: Miniature Schnauzer

But Schnauzer combines not only the appearance. Their character is also almost the same. All schnauzers are cheerful and playful. They are all smart and learn everything very quickly. The glory of stubborn people was fixed to the schnauzers, which are difficult to educate and train. But actually the opposite is true. They are very easy to train.

In fact, these dogs are not easy to communicate, because they absolutely do not recognize any hierarchy. This means that they obey the owner not because he is in charge, but only if he has managed to instill respect and trust in the dog.

Giant schnauzers, like miniature schnauzers, obey their masters only if they love them and blindly trust them. Therefore, to achieve good results in their training, requires the mind and subtle perception from the person. In any case, the satisfaction that you get by raising a schnauzer is incomparable with what dogs born to obey can give.

It may be even more interesting to work with small dogs that combine temperament with determination. It seems that he says so to his larger brethren - "What you can do, I can too!"

Let us return to the traits that are common to all schnauzers. All of them are very balanced and show unlimited patience towards children. All schnauzers are very funny dogs. It’s not true that a giant schnauzer is always serious and sullen. Appearance is deceptive.

Schnauzer dog breeds terriertherefore they are very active. They need to move a lot.

Photo: Giant Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are more suitable for people with a light temper, and giant schnauzers need adrenolin. Giant schnauzer is the best breed for leaders of society - such as lawyers, business owners, athletes, in general, for people who want to be first. Such people love the Giant Schnauzers.

The main advantage of the Miniature Schnauzer is practicality and cheerful disposition. Big dogs will envy his voice. Miniature makes it an ideal dog for the house. They are very good friends, watchmen, dogs for the whole family.

The Germans not only bred these rocks, but also betrayed them an expression of constant readiness. In Germany, cropped ears are required for these breeds. To stop ears or not depends on where the dog is raised, whether it needs it and from your tastes.

Schnauzers (Giant schnauzer, mittelschnauzer, miniature schnauzer) are known for their vigilant nature and expressiveness, especially if their ears are cropped. But they need to constantly occupy. Schnauzer owners should be prepared for the fact that this dog does not like to be bored.

All 3rd breeds need to move. Especially giants. If they are not physically occupied, they will find something for themselves.

Schnauzers are a healthy and hardy breed, although miniature schnauzers have eye problems, such as cataracts.

Giant schnauzers and mittelschnauzers are working dogs. Miniature Schnauzers are ideal for home maintenance.

As for training, schnauzers are very capable students, if you start learning from childhood.



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