When and what vaccinations should a German Shepherd puppy do?

The German Shepherd should be vaccinated against rabies, the plague of carnivores, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis, adenoviral infections, leptospirosis and parainfluenza.

These are dangerous diseases for life and health. The first vaccination in the life of a puppy German shepherd do in monthly age. That is, if he is healthy and has little to eat mother's milk. Although there are other options.

For example, if puppies in their month still get enough mother's milk, then vaccination time can be shifted by a week, because their immunity is quite strong. A weakened puppy with a bad appetite and a chair also should not be vaccinated until he is fully cured. A puppy even a week before the first vaccination give antihelminthic.

The most popular vaccinations for puppies German shepherd

Well suited puppy vaccine Nobivac PUPPY DP. It is better not to take the puppy to the clinic, where he can get something. You should invite the vet to the house or take the puppy to the breeder. However, often puppies receive the first vaccination from the breeder. Then, buying a baby, it should already be his veterinary passport, where the date is indicated and there is a sticker of the vaccine that the dog was pricked.

This will help to keep track of the dates of the following vaccinations and select the appropriate vaccine for the animal. A second German Shepherd inoculation is most often given at two months of age. First, exactly three weeks after the first vaccination, deworming is carried out again. You can give a special suspension for puppies of large breeds in a dose according to the instructions. A week later, the vaccine is given, for example, Nobivac DHPPi + LEPTO.

The baby still has a weak immunity and is prone to various diseases, because the vet is better to call the house. It is also important to observe strict quarantine and protect the animal from contact with other dogs and other animals. Quarantine ends 2 weeks after this vaccination.

The third vaccination puppy is usually put in three months. This may again be Nobivac DHPPi + LEPTO. And again, before inoculation for a week, deworming should be carried out. If, for some reason, there has been a shift in vaccinations towards an increase in the period, then the third vaccination should be done after the change of teeth in the German Shepherd, that is, about half a year.

At the time of the change of milk teeth, the puppy is very weak and cannot be vaccinated. Then the animal takes root every year at the same time. If the animal was vaccinated in a healthy state, then the vaccine will not affect it in any way. In addition to the Dutch vaccines Nobivac pappy DP, Nobivac DHP Nobivac, DHPPi German Shepherd also prick Russian Dipentavak and Hexacanivac. Also suitable vaccines for dogs Hexadog and Eurikan.


The cost of the dose of Nobivak Puppy DP (for puppies) is 170-200 rubles, Nobivaka DHPPI (polyvaccine) - 110-150 rubles, Dipentavak - 180 rubles, Hexacanivac - 130-150 rubles, Eurikan DHPPI - 150-170 rubles, Hexadog 300-330 rubles.



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