Schnauzer training

For those who want to have an obedient and at the same time happy schnauzer (miniature schnauzer, mitchnich schnauzer, giant schnauzer) the key to training is the game.

In nature, the game is the only form of training for young dogs. Therefore, the best results can always be achieved by playing with them in the ball. It is clear that we are talking not only about indoor dogs. These dogs participate in the world championships for working dogs.

Schnauzers can also be excellent guards and rescuers, as well as search engines.

The most valuable quality of a dog, which makes it an indispensable human helper, is the scent. To teach her to follow the trail, it is necessary to designate the site so that it retains our smell. Then you need to place the pieces of food on a certain line. This will force the dog to follow the trail to find pieces arranged one after the other.

It is necessary to start training a puppy from an early age, encouraging its predator instinct and teaching it to play biting - first rags, then sleeves. The puppy always wins, the attacker is happy to receive his prey as a reward, which he tries to drag off with him, although for this he will need help.

After a few months, the puppy will learn to bite the sleeve and begin to launch a mini attack. But these exercises for him are always a game and should remain with it. Service dogs after an attack test, during which they can bite any part of the body, are also rewarded for their work.

The sooner you start learning, the better. From the very first exercise, when the dog learns to carry out the order - "Look!" in combination with the need to sniff the ground with the nose, the formation of a dog capable of performing the whole exercise begins.

Schnauzer (Giant schnauzer, mittelschnauzer, miniature schnauzer) with pleasure is engaged in training, learns the team quickly enough, capable of circus training



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