Owners reviews about the Chinese Crested Dog breed

Recently, I met with the owner of an unusual dog. Marbled skin, original hairstyle and grace - this is what Chinese Crested receives at birth as a gift from generous nature.

And having talked with the owner, I learned that these are not all the advantages of an exotic and fashionable breed.

These incredible dogs probably have an interesting story ...

- It really is. Scientists could not determine where the ancestors of Chinese crested lived - in Mexico or in China. But initially the bare templet was called "Kanis Afrikanus", because due to the lack of wool, only a hot climate suited them.

And although there are quite a few dogs without a coat in the world: the Mexican, African, Indian rampur greyhound, the small wool "islands" covering their heads, paws and tail, are very different from those that have Chinese crested. In the latter, the wool resembles not the bristles, like those of the brethren, but a real "hairstyle", which the owners can style according to their taste, but at the same time not requiring complicated care.

Mary, why did you decide that this "naked" miracle should definitely live in your house?

- My son is allergic to dog hair, so we thought for a long time what breed would not harm his health, did not dare to have an animal, although we dreamed about it. And then they saw in the nursery of Romeo - and realized that he was the one we were looking for - a new family member who, moreover, would not make our son suffer from allergies to wool.

Is it difficult to care for Chinese crested?

- Any animal needs care, regardless of whether it has wool or not. However, of course, it is easier to care for Chinese Crested Pets than, for example, Pomeranian Spitz.

However, the breed has two varieties - bare-crested and powder puff. Puffs are also suitable for people suffering from allergies, they fade only once in their entire life - throwing off "baby" wool and putting on a luxurious "adult" fur coat, which should be regularly combed out.

As for the naked dogs - here, too, has its wisdom. The owner of such a dog will have to know everything about dog skin care - it is necessary for the pet to be healthy and look great.

Is Chinese crested easy to train?

- I would say - too easy. Of course, a lot depends on the cynologist and owner, but these dogs are naturally clever and obedient. My dog ​​understands me perfectly.

How tall is your pet?

- Height - 32.5 cm, and weight - 5 kg (according to the breed standard, it should not exceed 5 kg).

How to feed the Chinese crested?

- Initially, our baby ate super-premium food, and a little later we switched to natural food. Now alternate feed with "naturalkoy."

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Probably, passers-by on walks pay attention to your pet ...

- Is always! Often they are surprised, because for the first time they see such a dog - elegant, but practically hairless, not counting the tuft, tufts of hair on the ears, legs and tail.

Often the owners complain about the smell of dog and peculiar smell from the mouth of the dog. It is believed that

Hairless dogs do not suffer from this. Have you come across this?

- Probably, you will be surprised, but never. And although we spend all our free time with our pet, and the child doesn’t leave him alone, not even our kid complained that the dog "smells".

What kind of people should not start a naked Chinese crested?

- If you do not have enough time for an animal - this dog is not for you. The fact is that these doggies are very mobile and cheerful, they just cannot sit all day locked up without a master.

And how do dogs treat children?

- I can confirm with my own example: if a dog and a child grow up together - no difficulties will arise. Any dog ​​must be properly educated - not without it, but in general, the attitude towards children of any age, Chinese crested positive.

As for the other pets, how do crested get on with them?

- Great, but better if pets grow together. Moreover, it is a precautionary measure, aimed rather at preventing aggression from other animals, not crested ones.

What could you say about your Romeo and the breed?

- My dog ​​and other crested - cheerful dogs, ideal friends for children and adults.



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