Pedigree dogs

Very often, when we buy a puppy, we don’t really think about what a pedigree is in a dog, since basically we take a dog for the soul or for protection.

When selling a dog, some sellers say that the puppy has a pedigree, but it needs to be done, documents are available, but they need to be searched. And we, often seeing a small fluffy lump, forget about everything, thinking only that this little miracle will soon be in our hands.

It is then, when time passes, and I want to show everyone what a clever and beautiful dog we have, we think about exhibitions, and, of course, we recall our pedigree. Many of us do not even really understand the meaning of this word.

A pedigree dog is an important document that confirms the origin of your pet. In other words, this document contains information about the dog, its parents, grandfathers, and so on. If there are no data on any relatives of the dog, then such a pedigree of the dog will no longer be complete. This document is needed so that you can find out through special clubs or other databases who your dog's ancestors were, because heredity is a very important element in breeding. The pedigree of a dog gives the right to participate in various competitions and exhibitions, to receive titles of the Champion.

Therefore, when you get a puppy, be sure to be interested and demand documents for your future four-legged friend, especially if it is an expensive breed. Without a pedigree dog, you cannot be completely sure that you have acquired a truly thoroughbred dog. It is worth considering why the owners of a pedigree dog do not have documents. You risk to buy at all what they wanted.

Of course, you decide whether you need a pedigree for your dog or not. In the end, if you wish to participate in exhibitions, you can arrange a registered pedigree, after which your dog will be examined by official breed experts and will give an opinion whether your dog is purebred or not. You can buy a pedigree dog, but this, as you understand, will no longer be a real document.

In principle, the pedigree dog necessarily needed, but there are cases when mongrel dogs are much more faithful and smarter than their relatives. Therefore, when you decide to have a pet, be sure to decide for yourself whether you need a document for a dog or not.



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