Eri's dog conquered the judges of the show "Dancing"

An annual dance show started in Russia, the casting of which took place April 8 in Yekaterinburg. More than 150 people who demonstrated their choreographic talents became the participants of "Dancing". However, to go to the next qualifying round and hear the cherished "You are in the dance" brought only a few.

Natalya Avdeeva and her four-legged pet, Eri's dog, participated in the casting. Their performance caused a real sensation, the judges awarded the unusual couple with long applause.

Dance number was made in style twerk - dynamic movements in the area of ​​the hips, abdomen and buttocks, while the rest of the body is practically immobilized. Natalya very actively performed the number, and her dog, in time with the owner, wagged her booty and tail, performing unusual tricks.

The couple’s creative performance impressed the judges, and the team was sent to the next qualifying round to Moscow. Natalia claims that her pet “ate the dog” at such shows. After all, the animal has repeatedly participated in the shooting of commercials and TV shows.

Natalia was pleasantly surprised by the decision of the judges to continue the show. She really hoped for a similar outcome, but did not fully believe in her victory. Natalia generously thanked her dog with a treat in the form of a calf leg. Now an extraordinary couple is preparing for a new tour.



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