Justin Bieber has a new dog called Todd

More recently, the famous American artist Justin Bieber has a new favorite named Todd..

Last Monday, August 15, the famous American singer Justin Bieber shared with his fans a photo in Instagram, in which he embraces his new puppy named Todd. The artist has posted a photo, under which he signed:

"My new fluffy ball Todd."

Already, it becomes clear that the 22-year-old Justin is very fond of his new friend. But this positive event was not done, however, without certain unpleasant notes. So, after the weekend, the singer had to threaten with his numerous fans to close his Instagram from viewing due to the large number of messages about the artist's love object. Fans actively ironic about the former relationship of the artist and called the dog his new girlfriend.

Such an unexpected move was criticized by former girlfriends Bieber Haley Baldwin and Selena Gomez.

It remains to hope that the new pet Justin will not take part in these love showdown!



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