What is the best breed of dog for seniors and senior citizens?

"I want to have a dog, - grandpa told me a couple of weeks ago. - You still can not come to visit every weekend, but I'm bored. Here in the sleeping area, nothing happens. But near the park and forest. If I had a funny eared dog, we would walk together every day. So, granddaughters, find me a pet!"Which dog is suitable for retirees? How to choose a breed? Which dogs are better for older people?

For joy and health

Older pets are more than companions. They become true friends who are always there. A faithful dog continually brightens up loneliness, cheers and even heals. Scientists call this "animal therapy." Studies have shown that older men who have a dog at home are more optimistic and stress-resistant than lonely pensioners.

  • Pet distracts from the thought and cheers up his funny tricks.
  • In addition, daily walks in the fresh air have a positive effect on your well-being. Due to moderate physical activity, the amount of cholesterol in the blood is noticeably reduced. So cheerfulness, vitality and a healthy heart are provided to aged dog holders!
  • And a walk with a pet is a great opportunity to make new friends.

Photo: Dog for pensioners

The elderly owner will certainly meet with the same lovers of four-legged companions on the paddock.

Portrait of a perfect dog, basic requirements for a pet for senior citizens

My grandfather came up with a difficult task, so I immediately went in for a search. Not every dog ​​will be retired in joy. In this case, more than ever it is important that the temperaments of the pet and the owner coincide. Here are the main features of the ideal dog for the elderly and senior citizens:

  1. Need an untidy and moderately sociable dog. It will not let you get bored, but it will not require constant attention.
  2. She is good-natured and peace-loving.
  3. The ideal friend of a man in old age will not pull off the leash with all his might and will never run away from his master during walks.
  4. And, of course, the pensioner's pet should be unpretentious in the care.

Expert advice

Grandmothers and grandfathers often take mongrels home, believing that such a dog is more faithful and affectionate, the dog handler says. But from a tiny puppy mongrel can blow out a huge dog. Yes, and such dogs do not possess special loyalty.

Devotion does not depend on the breed, but on education and relations with the owner. In addition, the mongrels have a genetic predisposition for vagrancy. So it is better to take a pedigree dog as a companion.

Pet on forces

Photo: Dogs for the Elderly

So, shepherd, fighting, service and hunting breeds immediately disappear. Sheep-dogs, spaniels, terriers need serious physical activities. These born companions without appropriate training will begin to compete with the owner for the right of leadership.

It will not be easy for the grandfather to raise a wayward pet who tends to dominate. Large good-natured dogs like Labradors and boxers will not do either. They love a long walk in nature. Such pets will be liked by a pensioner with a sports streak, who does not mind running in the mornings and evenings.

Photo: Dogs for the Elderly

Many rightly believe that any small breed will fit into an old man as a companion. But, as practice shows, even small dogs do not always get along with retirees. For example, a curious brisk dachshund loves to frolic. Try to catch her!

Poodles, miniature schnauzers, Yorkshire terriers, like, calm and affectionate, but the magnificent head of hair of these babies needs a lot of care. Daily brushing, weekly water treatments and regular haircut will not give grandpa a rest.

Important advantages

But miniature chihuahua is a great choice! Such a pet will happily bask on a soft couch. You won't have to walk with him for hours. And when the owner is not well, the little dog will be completely costly for the cat toilet. This skill is famous for many pocket dogs:

  • Chinese crested
  • toy poodles
  • maltese bichons, etc.

Surely grandparents will attract rocks that are very strongly attached to the owner. These dogs include Scotch Terriers, Jagdter Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers. For them, communication with the head of the house is not just friendship, but the meaning of all life. But, alas, if something happens to the owner, the pet is unlikely to be able to forget it and adapt to the new family.

So, most miniature breeds are ideal for older people. But it is worth remembering that some of them are very talkative. Both chihuahuas and terriers love to ring out on business without. Retraining such a dog is impossible. So goodbye silence in the house! The only exceptions are pugs and pekingese.

How to choose a puppy?

I bought a French bulldog as a gift to my grandfather. This is a peaceful, playful and calm dog. I had to take a teenage puppy for 4 months, because grandpa would hardly have coped with the care of a two-month-old mischievous child. A professional breeder helped choose an animal with a balanced psyche: not very active, not cowardly, not aggressive. Now grandpa is pleased. Yes, and bulldog Smith does not mind in the host. Fortunately, they have plenty of time to communicate with each other!



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