Fight - killer dogs or true friends?

Today it is difficult to find a person who has never heard of fighting dogs or so-called "killer dogs".

From time to time, in newspapers and on television, shocking news appears about how once again someone’s angry pit-bull, amstaf, bull-terrier, or rottweiler bit someone.

If you put together everything that the media say about fighting dogs, you get the impression of some bloodthirsty monsters who do not feel pain and feed exclusively on cats, dogs and people. In this regard, the society of dog lovers was divided into two camps. Some require that these "monsters" be tabooed, others do not get tired of proving that fighting dogs are actually very cute and friendly creatures.

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Around fighting dog breeds, in particular, the pit bull terrier, bull terrier, amstaff, and rottweiler, are very popular with many myths. Yes, and the very phrase "fighting breed of dogs" - a myth, as well as the concept of the most fighting dogs. In the DOSAAFovsky system of coordinates, three types of dogs are distinguished - they are hunting, service and decorative.

A fighting dog is a title and it can be applied to any breed.

Most dogs including:

  • Great Danes,
  • bulldogs
  • Caucasians,
  • alabai
  • boxers, etc. once there were regulars of the bloody sport, but for some reason they are silent about them. In fact, any dog ​​can be raised aggressive. Even a mongrel can be potentially dangerous to civilians. Starting with the pit bulls in the end everything will be banned. In France, there was such an experience. The government decided that only friendly dogs should walk along their streets.

First, the list of "allowed" included 96 species, but when it was reduced to 17, it became clear that this was the path to "nowhere." Many have forgotten that the wolf is the common ancestor of all dogs. From the story we learn that basically dogs (see breeds of dogs with photos) were taken out for protection and hunting. With them went to the foxes, wild boars, bears. Then they began to be bullied on by the bulls, and for the sake of fun they organized gladiator fights, where rivals were usually lions.

The fighting dog has long been bred, to be friendly to man.

There is no exact date when dog fights were first held, but it is known that the fighting dog must have a very important quality - to be friendly to the person. Before the start of the fight, the owners often exchange their "gladiators" and wash them, so that the battle will be fair - without poison in wool.

If a dog at such moments even just roars on a stranger, it is immediately disqualified. From this we can conclude: fighting dogs are accustomed to be calm in relation to people.

But horrible stories do happen. As a rule, this is due to the fault of the person himself. Who said that a sleeping bull terrier would be pleased if a knitting needle was inserted into his ear?

Who thought that kind Stafford would not react if a drunk owner beat him with a stick? Who claimed that the persecution of the Pit Bull on a person will end in a happy ending? This shows that the problem is not in the genes of the dog, but in the human psyche.

Any dog ​​needs care and education, and the fighting one is even more so. It is not suitable for people who take a dog, nothing to learn about its features, the rules of care and the nuances of training. A fighting dog in the hands of such careless owners is truly dangerous and capable of messing up a bunch of troubles. Surprisingly, many are simply not attentive to their pet.

If you want to have a fighting dog, you must be aware that they require proper care, you need to walk and train with them a lot. You must be a very responsible and empathetic person who understands the psychology of dogs.

A fighting dog with the right upbringing will show you how people can be wrong

She is a devoted friend and companion, she loves children very much and in kind hands she is a harmless friend. Does this seem strange to you? You just did not know. Take a walk on the Internet, look at specialized forums and everything will become clear to you that everything that is written in the newspapers about these beautiful creatures is fiction. It's amazing why people believe all sorts of myths and don't even try to find out the truth.



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