Guide dog, dogs assistants for disabled

A guide dog is an indispensable aid for the blind, and in many cases for other categories of people with disabilities.

Often blind people who lose interest in life and try not to go beyond the boundaries of an unfamiliar territory with a new guide-dog that has appeared in them acquire a second wind.

The moment is able to divide life into "before" and "after." And it depends on who is next, whether we can start over again. Then, when the world narrows to the size of the room. Where the light does not penetrate. Start by finding yourself in front of an insurmountable obstacle. “We can, but only if there is a friend, a guide dog,” - those who survived the shocks are unanimous because they constantly felt support. And it does not matter that when they were left alone, the only ones who were human with them were animals. After all, it is only thanks to the guide dogs that these people have a chance.

Step over the threshold

Olga got her driver's license right after school, and by the time she was thirty, her friends, joking, called her “Schumacher”. But neither experience, nor speed of reaction, nor dexterity saved her from a collision with a truck that entered her car at a turn.

Olin took the car from the scene to the dump - there was no sense in repairing a pile of scrap metal. Doctors called what happened to the victim a miracle - after undergoing several operations, Olga discharged from the hospital after six months. Surgeons managed to restore everything except her vision. She got to the house, leaning on her friend's hand. But she could leave the apartment again only a year later ...

“Friends came to visit me,” Olga shares. “However, none of them could and did not want to spend all my free time with me. I have no parents, so I could only talk about my fears with my sister who came to me twice a month of the city. I didn’t want to be a burden for her, she did too much for me, but how many times I sobbed quietly in the corridor when I stumbled over the plinth, or by the window listening to the children in the yard riding on the carousel ... I dreamed of going shopping, walking in the park, and in the morning I understood that it was daylight about by the fact that the black spots before his eyes brightened a little ... "

Unfortunately, blindness is one of those ailments that awaken in a person the fear of what surrounds him. Besides the fact that he has to actually learn to live anew, relying only on touch, smell and hearing, he will have to overcome the fear of peace outside of his safe haven. If a blind man once does not step in there, his life will freeze in the same scenery, and fear will eventually turn into an invincible phobia.

But in order to learn to “walk,” determination alone is not enough — the instinct of self-preservation will not let the blind go out into the street without support. And here a lonely person is met by the walls of indifference: few are ready to completely subordinate their lives to caring for those who need constant attention. However, unlike people, the animal does not need weekends and holidays, it does not ask for its help anything except warmth, and will happily go a step into a step next to those who recognize themselves as its owner.

Olga waited her guide dog for thirteen months. When Labrador Nazar crossed the threshold of her apartment, she immediately felt: painful seclusion ends.

Guide Dog breed

Cynologists say that out of a hundred dogs, guides can become no more than twenty-five. The smartest, affectionate and attentive puppies begin to teach skills to guide dogs that are necessary two months after their birth.

Follow the blind, stopping where the owner is waiting for an obstacle, transfer him through the highway and accompany him on busy streets, warn him of any danger and, if necessary, give his own life for him - that’s what the future guide dogs about a year go to special schools.

It is believed that the most suitable for blind dogs are Labradors, sheep dogs and collie. However, some blind people have to wait for their guide dogs for years, because each dog is taught as a companion for a particular person. So, Nazar (a guide dog) was preparing for a meeting with a tall woman with a long stride, living alone in a large bustling city.

If a blind person for some reason refuses a guide dog, the dog has to search for a new owner for a long time. But when a guide dog is suitable for a person, such trust is established between them, which is not always the case even between relatives. And, as a rule, this relationship lasts a lifetime, until the owner leaves the devotee friend.

Canine experts said: after the death of a guide dog, the blind rarely take a new one. Looking like a golden retriever, Nazar carefully translates Olga across the road, and she confidently follows him, and really you begin to think that the blind and the guide are tied by something more than a leash extended from the hand to the collar.

Guide Dog Training

Guide dogs that are taught to take care of people are subjected to many tests, testing their patience, endurance, and ability to make decisions in difficult situations. But they are never punished.

Animal trainers say that sincere attitude cannot be achieved by hurting. And an animal, whether it is a guide dog, a capuchin that helps the immobilized owner, or an untrained outbred cat who brightens up the loneliness of an old man, does not necessarily know the commands in order to become the most faithful friend.

Perhaps this is the uniqueness of our younger brothers - in their ability, without hesitation, to give us their lives without a trace.



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